She is ready for the prom!

So I worked on that lovely chaise lounge over the weekend and I am proud to say....She is done, and quite sexy at that! She turned out better that I imagined. I guess it was just so traumatizing to look at before that who new she could be soo great! This little number is for sale too. I just have no room for her and my "sweat shop" is starting to fill up.

Here is your gentle reminder of what she was....(orange marmalade flower parade)

i love how the glow of my heat lamp just illuminates the orangeness that she is. Lol!

now the best part....The after!

Love love LOVE IT!!!

if anyone is looking for a comfy little number she is for sale for $350

i have also left a link to my little family blog so you can see what the rest of the crazy bunch is up too, plus lets face it, it easier that way...


  1. Just found this new blog of yours. You are crazy talented when it comes to sewing. Maybe one day I'll have to pay you for some sewing lessons. I really do want to learn more about this "sickness" you have called sewing. it was fun hanging out the other night we'll have to do it more often.

  2. Katie- you are kind of the bomb. No, you really are. I wish we still lived out there so I could pay you to cover our very red couches. Or at least the pillows. Or the ottoman. Okay, getting carried away.

    You rock.


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