I am on vacation, but....

We are enjoying a nice long vacation in sunny Cali! I just wanted to drop a line while my kids are past out in the bedroom from swimming so hard! Love it!!! But...my cute friend Shelley from "house of smiths" put up her entry closet redo reveal and I made the bench cushion for her!! Hurry! Go check it out! Its amazing. You know what else is amazing? My sweet suntan!!

Modern Farmhouse: Part 2

Today I got to take the 2nd load of furniture to my client who is building a "modern farmhouse". I was soo excited to see her reaction to all of her projects! I have to laugh because they get to finally move in next weekend, but in the mean time, her small town home she is renting is packed full of all the furniture we did! My super awesome friend and neighbor, who just happens to be an amazing photographer are gonna take a field trip after they get all settled to take some legit photos! Anyways, down to the nitty gritty....

She had this great couch with a slight curve to it. This is the picture she texted me... I laugh every time I see it..Her little boy cracks me up!! anyways, the couch was in good shape, it just needed a little TLC.

she picked an awesome fabric! Super durable and it fit right in the scheme of the rest of her furniture. The fabric has a black and white weave in it that makes it great for every day wear. The white breaks up the black just enough..

again....dont judge my pic skills, there was so much furniture it was hard to get a clear shot, so you will have to wait till its in the new house!

the window seat cushions. she had 3 made, one for the mud room, one for the master and one for the library! If you have ever shopped for foam, you know that it costs an arm, a leg and your first born, just for 1 yard!! You think I am joking...try getting 3" foam for a cushion 83" long. Thats almost 2.5 yards worth of foam! Anywho...my client is amazing and found what i think is better foam for a fraction of the price at Smiths Market Place! Thats right, the camping mats are money and they do the job! Plus you can afford to cover them with fabric...lol! We just did a neutral color and used drop cloths. I wrapped the foam in batting to give it more loft. I love how they turned out! She said she was taking them over to her house today to check them out.

Its a cushion sandwich!!!

These turned out to be one of my favorites! So back when my client dropped load 1 off at my house, she saw my swivel rocker in Laker's room and just about died! She loved it so much she went out the next day and bought her 2 of these bad boys off of ksl!

They are rad! yes, they are dated, but they have some pretty awesome lines. She originally wanted them slipcovers in drop cloth, but after talking with her and remembering I had some grey scrap fabric from this little ditty we decided to make them more exciting and add some swagger with grey piping. Um....Pretty much amazing!!! I love they way they look and how the piping shows off the lines of the chair with the cute box pleat skirt.

I kind of secretly am in love with swivel rockers.... which brings me to my next topic. I just got accepted into the Piper and Chole Boutique in April. I know I said I want to steer clear of being a vendor at these things, but the exposure is awesome! So with that said, at the last boutique I had a wing back chair for sale, but I am thinking this time of doing a little retro swivel rocker... I'd love to get your feed back on what type of chair and fabric you'd like to see it covered in! Who know, you may just get your wish!

Cute Melissa texted me about covering some cushions for her 2 days ago. I told her I could probably squeeze her in if she had fabric. Sure enough shea was at my door the next day with fabric and cushions in hand! When I saw her fabric I was instantly jealous. She scored an AMAZING oatmeal linen and Home Fabrics! Um, not heard of. If they get that in, its gone in a few hours. She laughed because she had called waiting for that fabric to arrive. Good Girl!! Anyways, the cushions belong to a chair and ottoman that she was reupholstering and needed the cushions put together. I was more than happy to help. I knocked them out today just in time for us to take off on much needed vacation!


I boxed up the back cushion to help with the sagging, plus I just think it looks better.. They turned out great! I can't wait to see them on the chair when she finishes it!

So there you have it, the last 2 weeks!

Modern Farmhouse: Part 1

So my fabulous client is about 3 weeks away from moving into her newly constructed "modern farmhouse". She brought me, what I am calling, "load 1" a week ago. She had an ottoman, piano bench, a sweet settee she score on ksl , 18 pillows and a chair with those coveted Pottery Barn feet. I say load one because load 2 consist of a couch, 2 swivel rockers and 3 window seat cushions. Just to clarify... these pictures were taken in my catch all room while the basement is under construction. This is not a "modern farmhouse", although one can dream.... Anyways, lets begin.

Here is the ottoman, sure it is worn but it was in great shape, so we slipped it in a black and cream ticking stripe and did the piping out of what will be the fabric for the couch.
Before :


The Piano bench. My client is going to paint the legs black, so use your imagination... I added a small piece of foam on either side to box up the bench and make it even.


She found the settee on ksl for I think $15! Sure it was ugly.....

But check it out now!!! Bam!

I know, right?? AMAZING! She was not sure what to do for the skirt. Her chair and piano bench had box pleats, her couch and ottoman have box skirts, so I said, why not a knife pleat?? This piece is actually going in her master bedroom so She decided to do the knife pleat. She will be painting the legs a nice soft blue to go with the rest of the room. I love how it turned out!!!

Now for the chair! I love this chair and she did too! She was soo happy with the results! We gave it a box pleat skirt to doll it up. I think it did the trick. Never mind the garage...thats how I roll!

Even though it is warn, this chair is super soft and comfy. Now it lures you in and you won't want to leave!

I can't deny that I LOVE A GOOD TICKING STRIPE! I feel like you can never go wrong with the stripe.

And finally, she gave me a stack of random fabrics to make pillows for the master bedroom and other areas of the house. We ended up with 18 pillows in various sizes. So here is a glimpse of what we did. Her house is gonna rock!!

I will be busy working the "Part 2" for the next 2 weeks. I can't wait to see it all come together!

Side note: During all of this madness I managed to squeeze in a bench cushion for my new favorite person, Shelley!! I am sure you have heard of Shelley if you are a blog stalker like myself. anyways, she has been working on a redo in her home and needed a cushion made, so make it, i did! She bought a pillow from me during Bijou Market and loved it so...here I am making her a cushion. Once she is able to do the big reveal I post a more "professional" picture, but till then, you get this.

i hope you all enjoy the rest of your saturday night! Peace!

Flash back!

So, I am in the middle of a ton of stuff right now. I promise to have pics to you this weekend! So in the meantime, here is a little ditty that I found on my old blog that to this day make me laugh soo hard! And gets my blood boiling too... Just a note...This was a few years back before I started doing what I do now. I had a simple sewing machine from Target, but was looking to upgrade....


My awesome friend carrie loves to sew and quilt and she told me there was a Bernina sewing machine just like hers on KLS for like $515 bucks, so of course i jumped on it. I sent the guy an email asking if he would take $400 cash. Now keep in mind, this is KSL,no one gets what they are asking, so of course you offer something that maybe they would consider. the guy emails me back and all it said was, "no thanks". So i left it like that. A few days later he has relisted the machine, same price. So i sent him another email. All i said was this, "I saw that you relisted your machine, would you still consider $400 in cash?". Here is his glorious response, keep in mind this is a dude.....

"You should stick with Brother or even a SewPro sewing machine, Walmart has a great deal on a SewPro sewing machine for under $40.00. Here's the link to that sewing machine for reference: http://www.walmart.com/Sewpro-Quikstitch-Sewing-Machine-Sp402/ip/5006454. Bernina sewing machines aren't really for people like you I think.


What an ASS!!!!!! there I said it, but i feel better venting to my blog and my awesome husband who had a few choice words for him! For all he knows i could have been a sweet old lady looking for a new machine. I mean my blood was boiling!!!!! hey, I am no expert at sewing, i taught myself....on a $150 Euro Pro, but i think i have graduated from my machine, we have had a glorious year together but i have learned all i can from her......i had a beautiful email written to just blast this jerk but i decided to take the high road, partly because i really need this machine, but still, the high road right????.......this was my respone:

"a simple "no thanks" would have done. If you still cant sell it at $515 I am willing to pay cash if you lower the price a bit. "

I cant wait for his response!

for those of you who read my post below, here is his response:
"Walmart carries several very nice Brother machines that are more in the price range you are looking for. Those are brand new also, not used, with a warranty too. Best of luck."

My response: (which, now that i think about it i should have just left it at his response, but still, what a jerk!!!!)

"no, good luck to you. I actually don't mind paying $500 for it, but you have to expect people to low ball you when you place things for sale on KSL. But the way you handled it was rude, so I am gonna take my cash and drop it in a store that sells your same used machine that has been serviced by professionals and know that I will be treated with respect. "

his response:

"I wouldn't have sold my Bernina sewing machine to you no matter what price you offered. You low balled too low and got treated like the cheapskate that you are. You just got a little taste of what you deserve and evidently didn't like it. Oh well, the truth hurts sometimes. Just admit that you're going to buy the SewPro for $40 from Walmart this weekend and sew away to your little heart's content making costumes for your pet dog or whatever silly crap that you have in mind to sew. "

(Ouch by the way!!!!! Do you think this guy is just mad at life or what????)

my final response:

"Thanks for the insight, i just hope you don't treat everyone that makes you an offer you don't like this way. Its just a price game, one you did not want to play, which is fine, but not everyone has thick skin. Good luck and its been interesting chatting with you."

his final response....

"I'm sure that you have very thick skin based on the limited correspondence that we've had. How thick is a hippo's skin btw? Your e-mail has been added to my spam blocker list. Good luck with your low ballin'."

Man i am gonna miss this guy! if anyone wants his email to pay their respects, let me know!!!!!

CRAZY!!! I'd love to send him an update on how my "little dog costumes" are coming along. Anyways, since I have no before and afters to show, I thought this would be entertaining...plus it sort of is a before and after....right?

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