Glue it like its hot!!!

So I was wondering thru Costco Tuesday while both kids were at school. Actually, I dont wander thru Costco. i am an "in and out" kid of shopper. I can do Costco in 15 min on the busiest day! But on this particular day I just happened to be shopping slower than usual. Thats when cute Stefanie called me. She needed 3 cushions covered on her couch. But here is the deal...She originally wanted to have her couch reupholstered, but her quote from the upholstery shop came in WAY over budget. So what did she do... tackled it by herself! Well it just happened that Stefanie lives 2 seconds from costco so I headed on over to grab her cushions and fabric.

Can I just say.. her house is DARLING! When I got there she had her couch body mostly put together.. with nothing but fabric and her hot glue gun!! It actually looked pretty great. Its funny what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it, along with a little sweat and elbow grease! thats my kind of girl. Its just a temporary fix until she has it slipcovered, but until then it will do the job!

She did not have enough of the velour fabric to do all the cushions, so we broke it up with what she had. the tops and bands are out of the velour, the piping is out of the couch fabric and the bottoms were out of an fabric she grabbed but did not like when she got home. Lucky for me it was just enough to squeek out 3 cushions! Did i mention she got her couch fabric from home Fabrics for $2.99 a yard?!! Here are the pics she sent me once she got the home! Pretty great for HOT GLUE!!!

I love all the fun colors in her pillows. Such a fun room. It basically right in her kitchen! Anyways... pretty impressive, way to go Stefanie!!

Now we are off on a fun filled adventure for a week! My goal is to come back rested and with a beautiful tan!! I'll let you know how I do;)

3 layers deep

Cute Mary had a wing back chair that was in much need of some love! When she brought it to me it already had a slipcover on it. It was worn out and stapled to the bottom of the chair! So we freshened it up with a new slipcover. I changed the lines from the old slipcover to one that follows the original lines of the chair. Definitely more traditional. So here is layer 1...the original chair

Layer 2..
This is how the chair arrived...The fabric for her new slipcover was a neutral cotton velvet. It was great to work with, minus the mess when you cut it!! It had a nice stretch to it that allowed me to get the cover nice and tight and hug the chair in all the right places! Every time I work with this fabric I always think of George Costanza wanting to be draped in velvet! LOL Hey, can you really blame the guy? Anyways, i changed the lines a little bit to match the original chair. I finished it off with velcro on the bottom to keep it from shifting around. What do you think??

It turned out great!!! Nice and soft and crisp!

I am finishing up a few things this week before my hubby and I head out on a Cruise... I am not gonna lie. After hearing about the cruse ship that was stranded at sea I may be packing a pair of galoshes and baby wipes...

On another note I have some pretty great pillow covers up in my easy shop!

I love it when clients contact me when they are ready to go! Linda called me up wanting 6 cushions made for her dining room chairs and a slipcover for another. When she showed up she had had a picture she had ripped out of a magazine with exactly what she wanted her chair to look like. I love it!! It makes my job easier when clients know exactly what they want! Her cushions for her chairs were fun. Instead of doing the standard foam cushion for her chairs, we did down pillow inserts. Super soft and comfy on the bum! So I just added some ties in the seam and boom! Instant cushion.

I love the idea soo much that i think I may make some for my dining table. That no one EVER sits at cause we are lazy and eat at the island! Maybe I should try to class it up a little bit around here...

here is her inspiration she brought me for her chair. I love the spool chair in the picture, but I think hers is actually cuter and more feminine!

now don't get me wrong, that chair in the picture is darling!! But Linda's chair has some pretty great legs on it and the shape is just classy!

She did not have fabric for her chair, but she knew she wanted white. Well lucky for her I had some White Bull Denim lying around! So thats what we used! I love how it washes up and it gives it a more relaxed feel to the slipcover, yet it hugs the chair in all the right places! I think it turned out pretty great!

I love it!!

Beddin on down: part deux

So remember the bedding I made for me? We a cute friend of mine really loved it. Her husband decided it was a good christmas gift for her (good choice in my opinion...) Well after having a hard time picking fabric she finally settled on this:

Waverly Esmee Turquoise. Its darling! And its actually more blue than green if you ask me.. Anyways, her fabric arrive this week from so I got right to it! I had to test it out on my kids bed to make sure it all fit, so forgive the fact that it does not match! But I love it! It is so fun and fresh! We had just enough fabric to squeeze out 2 26"x26" pillow covers too. Obviously I am going to have her send me a picture of it in her room, but until then you get this...
Pretty fun right??

Rollin out!

My little work room is coming along! I came across this great fabric and thought it was fun and fresh and would go great in my work room.

I decided to use it to slipcover my little rolling office chair! I literally do not have to get up now when i am sewing or switching between machines. ( i know, how hard is it to get up and move a few feet? but when you are dragging yards of fabric with a billion pins in it, it can get!) I love it!! what so you think?

pretty...corporate. but thats not me. this screams me!

It glides like butter on my painted cement floor! Also...check out my etsy shop! I just posted some fun pillows I made over the weekend. They are fun and bright and guaranteed to make you smile..i promise!

Home Fabrics and Rug

So today I am doing a huge shout out to the Orem Home Fabrics and Rug. I am sure you have seen me post about them numerous times... Well they are my go to place for fabric! They are on University Pkwy up by State Street right next to Best Buy and Michaels. I love LOVE them! How could you not. They have awesome fabrics that are $12.99 and under and their sales are AMAZING! I was up there yesterday to just mull around and look what I came home with!!

Amazing! And most of these fabrics are $20+/yrd other places! I'll be heading back today to grab more!! Also, did you know that they do custom sewing?? I know your probably thinking,"Why is she plugging someone else's sewing room? Doesn't she do that??? Well...They don't do slipcovers! They do tablecloths, custom drapery duvets and bed sets. And the best part is, you can buy your awesome fabric there and then leave it with them to be made. So next time your in there, tell them I sent you! You never know what you are gonna find!!!

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