Baby Parade

I promise I am working! Lake Powell was so much fun, but I swear it took me a week to recover! I feel like everything I have worked on this past week has been nothing but baby! I recovered a set of glider cushions and an ottoman for my cute cousin. She is due in 2 weeks. We also made some bedding for the little one. She picked out some super fun fabric, it helps when you have a girl... Her nursery was in shambles (which is excusable, there is about a million things to wash and organize) when I dropped off her bedding, so once its all put together I will post the finish product!

the bedding:

I love LOVE how it turned out! She really picked some super fun fabric, and the best part is...I made it so the bumpers can be removed and washed. I hate the fact that my little Oakley's bumpers could not be washed!!! We are soo excited to see what this little girl is gonna look like!

Up next.... Carrie's super awesome swivel rocker for her 3rd and final baby girl, scheduled to arrive in December. So i picked up a pair of sweet swivel rocker from what has to be the 70's earlier this year. I have had a ton of people who have wanted to buy them and have me recover them but I just cant seem to part with them. They are super fantastic! Remember...

So one morning while in Provo I decided to stop at the DI, you never know what you can find there. Well it just happened to be my lucky day because look what I found

I called Carrie right away and she came and got it the next day! Because this is the last baby for her and yes, this makes girl #3 we decided to just have a ball with the fabric choice. I am loving the transformation. Who does not want to be hugged by flowers at random times in the night while feeding?? Enjoy!

If that does not make you smile, there is something wrong with you! I am just saying.... Go bold or go home!! I have another glider to recover for a friend who is also due in December and another set of baby bedding with pillows and curtains also due in december! On another note, I have this super cute gal working on my brand for me! I am super excited to see what she comes up with!!

Top Heavy

So here it is, just like I promised!! When this chair was all finished I just laughed...the shape of the chair reminds me of a "top heavy" woman! something I have never experienced... But despite being blessed with a "top" it turned out great! The chair was super comfy to begin with but the fabric I used made it even better! It was a super soft, dare I say blanket soft weave of all sorts of browns and creams. I did the piping out of a cream a gold weave and boy oh boy does it look great! I just want to curl up to a good book on this chair. Well, who a, I kidding...The last book I read was...Crap, I cant remember! More like curl up to a good episode of MTV's Rivals!

Back to my post...I ripped off the existing skirt to make room for a simple box skirt. This one is available for $150! I told you i would pass the savings on to you! Call, text (801-209-5531) or email me if yo want to come see it! I am headed of to Powell with my hubby for a whole week! So if you don't hear from me, just wait longer!! Have a great weekend!!!


dont you just love the 3 pillows. As if she were not top heavy enough, they just had to add not one, but 3 more pillows!!!

Dont pretend that you don't secretly love pair the cobalt blue wing chairs in the background... those were another score! they will be slipped in a chocolate linen. I cant decide if i should do the piping in a cream or leave it chocolate. any thoughts????

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