First off, how do you like the new blog?? Cause I sure do love it!! Carrie over at Carrie Loves Design did an awesome job. thanks a million! Anad thanks to all my followers (all 4 of you) for making the move with me. XXooXOxox

My super good friend and AMAZING hair stylist brought me 2 wing chairs she found on ksl to get some new threads.. When I started to take measurements on these bad boys i could not stop sneezing and itching... It looked as tho the previous owner allowed their cats to rest, scratch and live on these chairs.. did I mention I am allergic to cats... Its cool, I worked thru it sneezing and itching all along the way. My husband and I are huge Will Ferrell fans, especially on SNL. Anyone one remember "Harry Carey" and Whiskers?

During this bit he kept saying, "Thats why my friends call me Whiskers. Because I am curious like a cat!" He had no rhyme or reason as to why he kept saying it.. Too funny! You should go watch it if you think I am crazy.. Its pretty money!

Anyways, while I was working on them my husband would tease me because I kept sneezing over and over again! He now calls me Wiskers... great.. another nickname..

Anyways, did mention how cool my friend is?? Um.. she is the bomb! She decided to do drop cloth but she gave me the reins to have some fun with them! I had a black ticking stripe fabric left over from another project and it was just enough, I mean inches, to do the piping out of it. Her inspiration for these chairs was the infamous yellow bird chair i did for Bijou Market. She love LOVED it! But that fabric is pricey.. So this was the next best thing! This is what the chairs looked like before..

Remember when mauve was in?? Check them out now!! Amazing!

Amazing! Right?! I love how a pop of ticking stripe can add soo much to the drop cloth! I cant wait to see them in her cute house! It makes me sneeze just thinking about it!

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