I got 99 problems but a stitch aint one..

I promise I have not become a sewing recluse.. Actually I have been quite busy sewing. Just not slipcovers... Which really could not have come at a better time. "Why?" you may ask. Well, this little lady right here says it best...

I feel like she looks!! As my 3 followers may know, we sold our home in July and have been living in a super awesome rental since August. The rental we have been living in has been on and off the market for the past 4 years. The last family rented it for 4 years with no problem my friend's sister-in-law). Of course, while living here they built their dream home
Its amazing!! If you get house envy, DONT follow the link to see every square inch of the inside... It will make you mad... But seriously, amazing!

Anyways, we found ourselves not as lucky as my friend's sister-in-law who lived here before us. After spending only 2 months here the house went under contract. um... are you serious??!! Yes, we knew the house was for sale, but everyone we talked to said we should be fine for at least 6 months. Well folks. we gambled and lost. We have to be out of the house by October 25th. Like in 2 weeks. Now kindly refer back to my lady above... That explains my thoughts exactly! Lol!

So now we are on to bigger and better adventures... I hope..but hey, a few wise men once told me, "Hey, it is what it is.." So carry on I shall.

So this my friends is how I coped with this past week. I shifted gears a little and tackled a few extra panels for some massive drapes and figuring out a million angles for a monster window seat cushion. As well as some pillows for a few different clients.. It kept my mind from going crazy!! Here are the bag a$# drapes I made that keep my friend for starring into their backyard neighbors yard who happen to be hoarders..

and dont forget about her monster window seat and mud room bench..

pretty great? right!? They turned out soo great and the angles turned out perfect! These were made sight unseen...My head hurt really bad after I finished! She also sent me a picture of one of the chairs I redid for her last year

I also knocked out a few pillows for another client of mine. I did her nursery bedding, drapes, bench cushion and valence last year for her two daughter's rooms. We just added a few new pillows this time. They look so great all together!

Now my friends, I am going to pack my little family up and head to St. George for the weekend to escape our reality! I am going to enjoy it very much!

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