Big changes!!

My little family's life has been super crazy for the past 3 weeks. If you remember right, we are getting "kicked" out of our rental on THIS Friday! We had a place lined up to go that was going to be perfect for us for the next year until we really figured out what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be.. It was perfect. Problem solved.

So follow me a few weeks back.. It was the in the first week of October that we got the news that the rental sold and we had less than 25 days to get the heck out. Sweet. Thats when I went into panic mode to find another house that would take our little family in plus Buba. Remember we have a dog. The "Landlord" world frowns upon that.. Oh and remember how I have a ginormous cutting table and make slipcovers for clients? Ya I needed a space for that too. We we ended up finding the perfect place that allowed the kids to stay in their schools and life would resume..

My husband is a landscaper and winter months are a toss up.. if it snows, great, there is work, if not, you basically do Christmas lights and thats about it.. So Conference weekend he headed down to St. George to go and see if he could pull a few landscape install jobs to keep busy thru the winter months. Well, the heaven must have opened up because he was presented with an opportunity to not only work thru the winter but to grow his company in St. George! so great, but...we would likely need to move down there to get things set up, going and running smooth.

Well folks. all i can say is that a large number of doors have been opened up to us in such a short period of time I still am having to pinch myself to believe it is real!! I am talking about finding work, finding a place to live, finding a place for my horse and having the opportunity to keep working my little slipcover business! Its crazy! all I can say is our prayers have been answered in a way we never thought, but when you have these blessings presented to you, you run and take them! We are super excited for our little adventure!

But dont you worry for those here in SL and Utah county. I am still going to be doing work for my client and new clients up "north". I will be scheduling loads that I can come up an get for clients who are ready with fabric every month and haul them back with me and bust them out and then bring them back! We will be back and forth anyways because my husband business will continue to run here in Utah County. I am super excited about this new little adventure and the opportunity to expand into Washington County. So please continue to contact me for slipcovers and other projects! I am just a stone's throw away!!

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  1. Exciting -- you do fantastic work! I'm so glad new opportunities are coming in -- you never know, right?


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