I am back!

I do realize I have been MIA for a month or two.. but things are starting to settle down and get back to normal! Let me recap the last few months for you.

Remember our rental house sold so we had to move. again. well, my husband had an awesome work opportunity come up in St. George and since we were homeless we jumped all in! Thats right, we moved our family down to St. George, bought a house and have been trying to settle in since the beginning of November… Oh, and we went to hawaii for a 10 days a week after we moved down to St. George! Soo much fun!! We went to Kona and stayed in the Fairmont Orchid resort, but in a house. My family LOVES this vacation. we do absolutely NOTHING and enjoy every second of it! Next year we may try to stay for 2 weeks.. Each year we go we add an extra day or two.. I mean, how could you not?? Here are some pics of our trip!

We had soo much fun! Thanks to my wonderful parents for giving us yet another awesome early Christmas gift!!!

On anther note, my baby boy turned 7 years old yesterday!!! Where did the time go??

Oh how I love this boy soo much! He is such good kid, super smart and a great big brother. We sure lucked out with this one.

I am slowly getting back to work.. I am still servicing my clients up "north" so don't hesitate to contact me! I just finished up a bunch of patio cushions for a client and hauled them up with me when we came for Thanksgiving.. It can be done!!! I will be up again during the Christmas break and have a few fittings on the schedule already. So if you have something you want done and think you can get fabric in time, like by Dec 21st, I can schedule a fitting while I am there. I am excited to have some time to get some of my furniture slipcovered. I'll keep you posted! I am starting up again in January, so hit me up if you are needing anything done!

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