Snow in paradise

So… it snowed here in St. George. NOt a little skiff of snow, like 6-8" of snow! Now to us, this is a pretty typical snow storm, but to this little town, not even close! It never snows here, and if it does its gone pretty quick and warms back up. People who have lived here all their lives have said they have never seen anything like this! They literally had to shut down the town because they have no snow removal equipment. period. We live up on Foremaster Ridge, there are access 3 roads to us, 2 of the 3 were completely closed all day and the other was SUPER sketchy! Our church was canceled Sunday due to the snow. So naturally I became a hermit with my kids and did not leave the house all weekend… but I did get a lot of things done! the most important was building a snow man of course! Thank goodness I brought all their snow clothes down when we moved…

We had about an hour break in the storm where we could get out and play. This was right before we got pounded by the snow. The kids had soo much fun!They were worried they would not see snow this Christmas. Well kids, problem solved!

A few days before the storm I stopped in at the good old DI (Deseret Industries) after dropping Oakley off at school just to see what kind of stuff they may have. When I found the furniture area I was pleasantly surprised, they had some pretty good stuff that was not complete garbage. And then I saw this….

This I had to have!! I had to snatch it up real quick before the elderly shoppers had a chance to take it back (if you know what I mean..) How great is this chair?! I mean how could you not want a pink wing back chair with a duck pillow head rest??? The last time I was in Orem I stopped in at Home fabrics and picked up 6 years of grey ticking stripe. It was perfect for this chair! I had exactly enough fabric. No joke, there is nothing but scraps left but she is a beauty!!!

Not only is the the coolest chair, but it fits perfectly next to the "Jesus nook"! It was the perfect activity for me to do while we were snowed in.

I have also been trying to figure out my master bedroom. I sold all my bedding and needed to get something put together. It was driving me nuts! So I whipped up a ruffled bed skirt and curtains during the "extended" snow weekend and yesterday found the perfect quilt for my bed! So naturally I had to make 7 pillows out of the perfect fabric I have been hoping to use for forever! I made 3 euro shams with ruffles, 2 king pillows, a 20x26 pillow with piping, 2 20x20 pillows out of scraps from a few other slipcovers and a big bolster! I love LOVE how it turned out. I especially love how all the pillows are down and squishy! I look at it and just want to curl up and take a nap! I have yet to hang the curtains because I need to make a stop at IKEA over Christmas and get my hardware. ( I am super cheap and refuse to spend $100+ on a curtain rod when I can get it IKEA for $5!) What do you think?

Once I get everything finished and put together I'll show you the finished product!

If you are in need of slipcover hit me up!! until then I am getting all my stuff done that has been needing to get done for a LONG time!!

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