"agreeable grey"

I am loving our new house. Sure my heart was set building our (my) dream house but when this opportunity to move to St. George popped up we had to take it. Even if that meant buying an existing home. Lucky for us we hit the jackpot! We found a house that fit us perfectly, did not look like the typical "St. George" house and it was new construction! Umm, not to mention, people down here love LOVE their RV/toy garages. No joke, some houses down here are all garage in the front. And not like the typical 3 car garage. Im talking 2 story garages! anyways, back to the point.. Every house we looked at was painted in that awful beige almost pink tone. Sorry if you dig that but no bueno for me! Porcelain tile and beige pink carpet... So when we walked into our home I immediately love it because it had dark hardwood thru out, travertine in the bathrooms and the walls were grey!!! Actually, "Agreeable Grey" to be exact. Our builder laughed at me case I told him that color can "go both ways"… But it really can! You can play with neutrals and greys. SOLD!

The house was pretty much finished when we looked at it but we were able to pick out our back splash for the kitchen. I was stoked! I immediately knew what we (I) wanted. subway tile with a herringbone pattern over the cooktop. Simple. Clean. Easy. Right? When I went to pick tile I ran into a problem. White subway tile was too bright against the countertop. So the sales lady showed me a white glass subway tile that was softer and would still have that impact we were looking for with the white. Problem solved. Well the tile had to be ordered and finally after waiting a month or so installation day came! Monday they came and installed the tile. It looked great! After they left i cleaned up the plastic to see what it looked like against the countertop. I about died! It was horrendous!! It was SOOO bright! With a hint of blue. And "Agreeable Grey" was not being very agreeable.. Seriously, the lady said it would be a "soft white". What did I do?? My first thoughts were 1. Steve is going to kill me and 2. How many slipcovers will I need to make to replace the countertops so it will look good together? Ya, because my first thought was to replace the countertops, not the backsplash.. The next day they came back to grout the tile. All I can say is I dodges a HUGE bullet! The grey grout softened up the bright white and it looks awesome! I love it but I honestly about died!!! Here it is!

See. I was freaking out for nothing. And it made me replace my slipcovers for my IKEA barstools! Remember these?

Time to say bye bye.. in with the new! Remember that I got some pretty great grey fabric over christmas break? I finally made something out of it yesterday. I only had 6 yards to work with split between 2 fabrics, a geometric print and a stripe. So I had a little fun with it and mixed them together. I used the stripe for the seat backs and the piping and the geometric print for the seat and the skirt. I have just enough fabric left over for a nice comfy dog bed for Buba!

Just the right amount of obnoxiousness.. Lol! I no longer need my old covers, they fit this IKEA barstool. Hit me up if you want them, $100 for the 4. They are washable and velcro on under the stool for a nice snug fit.

I am working on some curtains over the weekend for me and a client. I am going to be up in Utah County Jan 18-20 to do a few couch fittings for clients. If you want something made contact me ASAP so I can get you on my fitting schedule. Have great weekend! I know I will.

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