Happy New Year!

I realize that it is already 6 days into the new year and I thought you could use a little "Sewing Nerd" love.. first off, I hope my 3 followers had a fantastic holiday season! We sure did! We spent a week and a half up "North". Thats what St. George folks call Salt Lake and Utah County. I am trying to get with the lingo.. We spent a ton of time with family and friends and had soo much fun, but it was nice to get home and get back into our routine. We stayed with my parents over the holiday and while we were there my mom put me to work. Like 2 days before we were supposed to go home. My mom has this settee that is pretty great, but she just bought all new furniture at the last market she was at and the upholstery on the chair was all wrong. Plus she repainted her family room from a soft green to a awesome shade of grey. So something had to be done about that settee.. Here is what I was dealing with…

Not bad, but not a match.. She had purchased some fabric about a month ago but when she got it home it turned out to be a green grey instead of grey.. No bueno. Back to square one. So thursday after Christmas we found ourselves at the fabric store. Now that is TROUBLE! We lucked out cause they had literally just brought out 3 new pallets of fabric. We tore those suckers apart and had to beg the lady at the cut counter to let us purchase that fabric because it was not even entered in the system yet.. No one can say no to us! $500 later we walked out with fabric for her settee, pillows, my bar stools at home and fabric to cover my laundry room walls.. We ended up with about about 30 yards of fabric. It was awesome!

I put my mom to work. Since I did not have my machines, we used her tried and true Bernina (its older than me!) and a neighbors quilting machine. It took a little longer but we powered thru it! While I cut the fabric I had her make piping. My mom also wanted to have the option of changing the up the look of the settee with another cushion cover. We kept the lines of the original settee and left of the skirt. My mom was soo worried that I would not be able to slipcover the settee because it had a scalloped back. No faith! It just made the reveal that much better. It took a little longer to sew only because I was working with a regular sewing machine. Its no industrial machine, but it will get the job done. Eventually.. Here is the after.

So my mom freaked out! Its amazing what a little fabric can do! We did the body a small grey cream leaf print and the piping in a grey and cream stripe. She had me to the cushion in the stripe as well. And the top, she was soo worried about it looking funny. It turned out better than she could have ever imagined! Here its is with the pillow i MADE her make..

Not too shabby! Plus I got to hear my mom swear a lot while making them. Oh how I love her! I mentioned that she wanted to have the option to change it up so I made a cushion that was double sided. One side has the same print as the body and the other has an awesome geometric print. She scored 3 looks for 1 chair!

Merry Christmas Mom! It was so fun to do this together and give her a little insight as to what I do.

I am still working on drumming up work around St. Geezey, but I have been getting a lot of calls from clients up "North". I am planning a trip up that way over the weekend of the 17th, so if you have something you want done contact me so I can get you on my schedule for a fitting. In the meantime I'll be finishing up a few more projects around the house for myself! So check back soon! And, I am beyond excited that out kitchen back splash is finally getting installed today!!! Like as I am typing. Its gonna be amazballs!

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