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This past weekend I headed up to Utah County to get my horse gear all packed up before her move down to St. George next weekend. I am beyond excited to finally have her here! I went from riding her 3 times a week to once a month when we were up for holidays.. Thankfully I have a AWESOME trainer is riding her in my absence. She is in Florida (Wellington) right now at the UDSF/FEI Trainers Conference and I can't wait to hear all about it. Never-mind that I am super jealous right now, but maybe next year I can go as an "auditor". Soo much to learn, not to mention you get to listen to and watch the best riders in the world teach! AHHHH! I know, this is spanish to you but I love it!!

So, I figured if I have to make the trip up there I may as well fit some slipcovers too! I was originally planning to fit 1 sectional and pick up a chair to bring back with me. Well, once word was out I was up I was SWAMPED from the moment I hit Utah County! Saturday I spent the day selecting fabrics for clients, dropping off drapes, fitting an ottoman, cushions, 2 couches, 2 wing back chairs, a swivel rocker, windsor chairs, measuring 2 sectionals and picking up 2 existing slipcovers to take back, rip apart and make new covers for. Not to mention make a slipcover for a client in 1 day! Lets just say I am exhausted! I am so lucky that my parents were excited to see their grandkids…because they pretty much had them for 2 days straight. I am thrilled to have a garage full of stuff to sew. Remember.. I can't sit still..

The chair I had to fit and make in a day belonged to a wonderful client of mine. I did a bunch of stuff for her a few years ago. She had this swivel rock her that belonged to her mother who had just passed away. She wanted a slipcover made for it so that it would look nice in her guest bedroom and when she saw I was going to be up she jumped on the chance to have me slipcover it. I showed her a picture of my swivel rockers and she fell in love! When she went to order the fabric for the chair she was too late. The remaining 8 yards online had been purchased, so she went with the next best print. So the plan was to ship the fabric to me and to take her chair home and cover it there, but when I stopped in at the Orem Home Fabrics they had my very same print with grays and browns! So I got her on the phone, texted her a picture and before I knew it I was walking out with fabric for her chair. It was a miracle! But that meant I had to bust it out in 1 day because I was heading back to St. George Monday. Here is her chair that she dropped off

Remember..I have a love affair with a good swivel rocker.. they seriously are the best!! I kept the lines as close to the original lines of the chair. It had an attached back cushion that was tufted but I know I could hide it if I created a band along the top and sides of the chair. I also kept the look of the box skirt the chair had. Here is how it looks now:

It will look so great in her home! I can't wait to see it in her house.

On another note, I have been eyeing up Ballard Designs Original Home Office desk system for months and I finally pulled the trigger yesterday!!! I can't wait for it to get here!

Last note...I am planning on making another trip up next month to drop everything off and fit 2 sectionals. If you are wanting on my schedule up north contact me so we can get the process rolling! You just need to have your fabric ready to go, I will take care of the rest! Also, Home Fabric in Orem and Midvale have AMAZING stuff right now!!! I may have brought home more fabric for me.. Its a sickness, I know, and the only cure for it is to make more things!!! So check back as I'll be posting more things this week as they get finished.

Also, I have 2 over-stuffed rolled arm chairs with white legs on casters that I got from Thanksgiving Point. They are amazing chairs and are available to be slipcovered. They just need better fabric (in my opinion).. Once I figure out the yardage I'll get pics posted. They will be $500 ea plus the cost of fabric. Here is a picture of what you could have to get your mind rolling….

Peace out!!

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