"Mortel 8"

I have been busy this past week and half with family dropping in. My mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law came down last weekend to golf, play and celebrate my mom's birthday.

And this week I had my in-laws plus my husbands 7 brothers and 1 of his 3 sisters.

They do an annual "boy golf trip" in St. George every year and now that we live here, we have opened up "Mortel 8"! I have never washed so many linens in my life! And I make slipcovers… Its a good thing I splurged on my washer and dryer. Sorry honey! But seriously.. Once you move to a "vacation" spot the masses come. I honestly can say that we have really had maybe 2 or 3 weeks since November that it has just been our little family. But it is soo fun to have friends and family come stay. But I am not gonna lie. I can't wait till our casita is done!!! Poor Laker thinks his bed is on the floor in his sisters room..

Last Sunday I headed to The Winter Market in Vegas with my mom. She goes down there every year to buy for Thanksgiving Point and this time I got to tag along. Um…It was like a textile Disneyland for me! this was the first thing I saw when we got there:

So many amazing fabrics, furniture and just stuff to see. It was super inspirational for me and gave me some great ideas for the future.

Today I just shipped out an ottoman cover and 2 cushion covers to a client in Provo. She is going to have to send me pictures when she gets it, but I fell in love with her color combo when I went for her fitting. She had me slipcover her ottoman that looks just like this:

We kept the box pleat skirt and I added a band around the top to break it up. She chose a black duck cotton for the ottoman and cushions. I took all her measurements there and put it together here.. Lets cross our fingers the ottoman fits..lol! She has a great white slipcovered sofa in the same room and is going to be doing pillows out of these two fabrics:

umm… they are pretty great! I love that she is mixing these in white black and white! I immediately ran to Home Fabrics in Orem to go see if they had enough for a few projects around the house. (Actually I had just bought fabric earlier that day for the kids room settee, curtains and pillows and I was immediately jealous that I did not go that route..haha) Luckily for me they love me there and I was able to swap out my fabrics, but sadly they did not have enough of the blue large ikat print. sniff. sniff.. But thats ok. I worked it out. I am really digging the blue and white right now. Soo fun and soo bright! I did just place an order today for the kids settee, dining room and family room curtains. Can you say Houndstooth!!! I can t wait! But lets be honest.. I still have to cover 2 wing chairs, 2 oversized chairs plus ottomans, 2 parsons chairs and now 2 settees here in town…

I scored big time on my fabric tho! Fabric.com is have a 20% off Premier Prints right now and they have really added some pretty great prints to their line up. And at $6 a yard you can't go wrong! So have a great weekend! I know I will. My horse is being brought down tomorrow and I can't wait!!

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