The Carleton

I survived the week of family! We had a blast! But it feels great to sit down and relax. Ya right! I have been really busy this week and its only Thursday. Geeze! This week I worked on an oversized chair and ottoman from Pottery Barn - The Charleston.

I wish it was called "The Carlton"… click on the link. I dare you.

Remember this guy??

How great was that dance? How great was that show!? My darling client just bought the cutest house in Sugar House and wanted me to revive their sad chair. The chair itself is in great conditions, but the slipcover she had on it was dying a very sad and slow death! I told her that I have to make a pattern with the existing slipcover and that she would NOT be getting hers back. She literally jumped for joy and told me to burn when I was done! lol! The slipcover was not all that bad, for a luxurious brown velour that had been bleached by the sun.. and looked like burned chocolate. That would definitely not go with her cute newly remodeled house.. But you know what she found that would go amazingly with her house? This!

She scored this at the Midvale Home Fabrics. They had exactly 15 yards on the roll. It was just the perfect amount! After I destroyed her existing slipcover I was able to construct the new one. I was able to match up most of the noticeable pattern on the chair like the front, cushion and arms on the chair, but I was working with limited amounts so I had to cut carefully! I kept all the lines the same from the existing slipcover. Its hard to believe that this neatly folded pile of slipcovers is a chair, 3 cushions and an ottoman - 15 yards!!

So use your best imagination to picture the chair covered in this. Pretty cool! Her sweet Mother-in-law who happens to be a good family friend will be down in St. George this weekend so I am sending it back with her. So you'll have to wait for the after pics..

I am working on slipcovers for a pair of antique settees this weekend for a client here in St. George. Stay tuned!

My next trip up to Utah County will be Feb 27th thru March 2nd. Hit me up if you are wanting slipcovers! you need to get your fabric before then.

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