Pure Luck

So have I ever mentioned that I have a severe cat allergy?? Like I don't even have to touch them, just being in the same room with them can send me into an allergy spiral! I mean if a cat even brushes up against me I instantly hive out and feel the swelling in my throat… I just dropped off a slipcover for a client here in St. George and who has cats and dogs and I am still (an hour later) itchy and sneezy! But hey.. no pain, no gain. The worst is when I am fitting furniture that clients bring to me. If they have a cat, I will know within the first 5 minutes of measuring! Sometimes I feel like this…

Remember "Pure Luck" with Martin Short and Danny Glover?? This is after Martin Short had been stung by a bee in a tinny airplane. Hilarious! I remember watching this over and over with my brother when we were little and laughing soo hard we about peed out pants! I have never swelled up that bad but oh man.. Have you ever tried fitting a slipcover while you felt your throat was closing up, your eyes watering like crazy and sneezing uncontrollably?? Its a talent. Really..

Enough about my personal problems. I wanted to post my latest drop off. Yes she fosters cats and dogs, and she is the coolest lady I have met! Super down to earth and super sweet! She had a pair of antique settees that have been in her family for years. She just had them reupholstered but soon realized that she needed an option to deal with the hair that comes from being a pet foster home.. So what is durable and affordable and not awful to look at? Drop cloth! This was the perfect solution to her problem! Take a look at how great these little settees are.

She used a local upholstery shop for the restoration of the settees, who did an amazing job! We kept the lines of the original settee but extended the bottom by an inch. She absolutely loved them! and so did one of her cats..

Drop cloth is a great alternative to traditional fabric. Its durable, neutral and softens up really nice when washed. Perfect for house full of kids and/or pets.

I will be up North Feb 27-March 2nd. I have a few fittings already scheduled. If you want anything slipcovers, contact me to get on my schedule and I'll fit you while I am there!

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  1. Thanks Katie, As you know I was concerned that the slipcovers would not be easy to manage. You fit the settees perfectly. After being gone for 10 days I came home to find that when I am gone the dogs spend a lot of time on them they were very dirty. I washed them and put them back on and it was super easy. As you may remember I had them slip-covered before and taking them off and putting them back on was miserable because they were made too tight. You fit them perfectly and your work is beautiful. Thanks so much for your help!!!!!


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