Stiff as a board

Soo.. I thought Id give you an update while I am working through this wicked stiff neck I have soo graciously acquired. Not! Its the worst! i am beginning to get them a little more often then I'd like. I had a spinal fusion almost 13 years ago due to scoliosis and when ever the weather has a drastic changed in temperature my back and neck are always slow to catch up! So..after enjoying a lovely day yesterday riding, attending parent teacher conference, and enjoying the 73 agree weather at the park with the kids I am stuck with this gem. Boo!!! Its cool, I'll work thru it. But until then I'll just turn my ENTIRE body to look left or right… seriously… What can I say, its the price I pay for perfect posture!

Enough of my little pitty party, I don't have time for it! I have finished up all my clients slipcovers that will I will be dropping off when I head up to Salt Lake this weekend. I have 2 wing chairs, a couch and 1 of 8 windsor chairs to drop off and a few new client fittings. I really hope "Old Stiffy" relaxes by tomorrow.. Yikes! Bring on the Bengay and Bayer. Monday, I was able to knock out a slipcover for another one of my pieces, a bunch of pillows and a set of curtain panels. I have been hoarding fabric for the kids toy room and I finally got around to making stuff out of it. Now I just need to get the curtain rod hung, which is going to be interesting in my condition. I wish I were a fly on the wall to watch this one. LOL! Anyways All you get for now is the before picture..sorry

I got this awesome settee about 5 or 6 years ago when we moved into our Orem house. Before I recognized my sewing skills.. I say that because this settee is slipcovered. And if you knew how much I paid for it your probably slap me! I know I would! and thats with the family discount I get at Thanksgiving Point! But it is super comfy, so I'd say it was worth it. now.

I picked up some fabric on when Premier Prints was having that awesome sale. I chose a great twill grey and white houndstooth print. I also picked up curtain fabric for the dining and family rooms. How could you not? The prices were cheap! As for the rest of the fabrics for the kids toy room, I scored a ton of bright and fun prints at Home Fabrics that last time I was up. I hit the mother load! I can't wait to get everything on and up! I still have a few pieces of furniture that need some painting so Id say I have "step 1" done for the kids play room. Step 2 would be art work and step 3 would be painting the hutch (which I am not looking forward too…)

I'll have the reveal up later today after I get the curtain rod hung… Please pray for me;) Also, just a reminder. I will be up in Utah County and Salt Lake this weekend for my sister-in-laws baby showers. I have a few fittings friday but can probably squeeze in a 1 or 2 more either Thursday night or friday evening. Let me know if you want on my schedule. You will NEED to have your fabric ready to go by thursday afternoon. Feel free to text or email me! Now please excuse me while I got soak in the tub!

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