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Because I love what do soo much I find that tend to "collect" awesome pieces of furniture and fabric for myself with the best of intentions to work my magic on them. The problem is, while am good at scouting them out, purchasing and keeping them "safe", I tend to doddle when it comes time to actually making them.. Not because I don't want to do them, more like because I am burned out by the time I can get to them. Well, luckily for me I have had a few months off to move my family and get organized (again, best intentions here..) and focus on my family and my projects and it has been great! My husband, bless his beautiful hyde had been giving me a hard time in regards to two awesome swivel rockers i bought a few years back because I have yet to slipcover them. I can't imagine why he'd care soo much?? I mean, this color is pretty much on trend..

I mean, how great are they? Sure I got around to slipcovering one of them a year or two ago in a drop cloth, but never finished the other one…

Finishing one bought me some time from the husbands "nagging" which is kind of funny because he is a man. The other one stayed in the basement…no need to rush things. Lol! Anyways, when we moved to St. George we were hit with the reality of no basement! What??!! I never really appreciated how great a basement is, unfinished or finished. It was a place to keep all the crap you did not want to deal with. Well folks, I had to face my demons..I could no longer hide form A.both swivel rockers and B. the fact that one was covered and the other one was not. And of course, what was the first thing my husband said to me when we got a little settled? "Hey, so you should probably finished what you've started.. huh?" Boo!!! but he was right! I hate that! As I picked my slightly injured ego up I remembered that I had bought about 15 yards of Magnolia Home Java Pewter Ikat fabric. Awesome, right?! Well, I had actually bought the fabric for another project of mine that is still waiting.. (I may have a problem..) But it went great with the new house, it was washed and I had just enough. I mean there was not one extra piece left over! So i got to work!

Here is what these ugly betties look like now!

All I can say is "Thank you!" to my big beautiful man child for pestering me to get these done! I love how they turned out!!! I can't wait for the rest of my furniture to arrive so I can put things in place but until then I have a few more things to slipcover… And then I can finally know that he will not bug the crap out me to get stuff done! Its the worst.

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  1. Came over from Better After-- you are amazing!! I can't believe you sewed a new slipcover when you already had a magnificent one -- I mean, I get why because of the whole matching chairs in a room thing -- but I can't sew, so I can't imagine making two slipcovers for the same chair!! Regardless, your chairs look awesome!

  2. Lol! its a sickness... what can I say?! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. They turned out really pretty! I love that fabric too!


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