Rollin out!

My little work room is coming along! I came across this great fabric and thought it was fun and fresh and would go great in my work room.

I decided to use it to slipcover my little rolling office chair! I literally do not have to get up now when i am sewing or switching between machines. ( i know, how hard is it to get up and move a few feet? but when you are dragging yards of fabric with a billion pins in it, it can get!) I love it!! what so you think?

pretty...corporate. but thats not me. this screams me!

It glides like butter on my painted cement floor! Also...check out my etsy shop! I just posted some fun pillows I made over the weekend. They are fun and bright and guaranteed to make you smile..i promise!

1 comment :

  1. This chair makes me happy. I wish I had items for you to cover with your magic. And the floor looks great too.


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