I am on vacation, but....

We are enjoying a nice long vacation in sunny Cali! I just wanted to drop a line while my kids are past out in the bedroom from swimming so hard! Love it!!! But...my cute friend Shelley from "house of smiths" put up her entry closet redo reveal and I made the bench cushion for her!! Hurry! Go check it out! Its amazing. You know what else is amazing? My sweet suntan!!


  1. Okay, so I've been blog-stalking you for a few weeks now, and I have to tell you the most random story! There's a different blog that I've been stalking for several years (wow, this story is shaping up with me in the starring role of "Creeper" -- sorry). It's a wedding video blog, and the videographer, David Perry, does AWESOME work. Anyway, I was watching his latest video the other day when I had to pause it right in the middle because I recognized a certain fabulously redone gray linen sofa! It just made me laugh because there's footage of you in the video as well, but do you think it was your face I recognized? Nope. But the second I saw that sofa, I made the connection! Bahaha! So I found that highly coincidental and somewhat amusing. :) Let me just say that I am in LOVE with the work you do and insanely jealous of your talents. I wish you would do a workshop or something! I am purchasing a darling wingback settee from KSL on Saturday, which, after reading your blog and being inspired, I am going to *attempt* to slipcover. It will probably be a giant train wreck...but I gotta give it a shot! Okay, I'm done hijacking the comments section of your blog. Sorry for being such a freak show; I hope I haven't scared you!

  2. @kara lol!!! I love it! you are not crazy! That was the grey couch and it was me.... That was my brothers wedding! David rocks! He filmed our wedding video almost 10 years ago! We like to keep things in the family... Good luck on the slipcover! Let me know if you need any help!!


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