Modern Banquet

So I had a lady contact me about a month ago regarding a banquet set she got off of kls. They are quite the set... There are 4 of them and when they are all together they form 2 semi-circles. Anyways, it too her a while to find fabric. She brought them to me last week with this $100/yd of fabric she scored off of ebay for $12/yd! Not too shabby. They are moving to AZ next month and she is scoring deals left and right to furnish the new house. I have to say I had my doubts....but I really love how they turned out. They definitely were a real brain buster. She was originally going to cover them herself, and bless her heart for trying. When she dropped them off to me she brought me the fabric, a pattern out of sheets and a bunch of snaps and ropes and gadgets to make the cover stay. She spent 20 hrs tying to figure it out and then threw in the towel! Poor thing! They were a bugger but man, did I own them! There are no cushions and the the tuck allowance was MINIMAL. the problem was #1, they are curved and #2 when ever you tucked them in and proceeded to sit in them, they would come undone and bulge. So, I had to get creative to keep the chair tight and in place every time someone sat in them. I'd lioke to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one... i had my kids jump on them and my husband to a sit test and they past!!



They look great!!


  1. They look beautiful Katie, I love to see those transformations. Can't wait for mine! I finally got the fabric today.

  2. wow you really are amazing! good work


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