Toothy Grin

This little number belongs to my friend's mom. It is a "hide a bed" couch that they have had sitting in the den for 12 years. She decided to redo her master bedroom and put this couch in it. I think she said they have only used the pull out bed 2 times the entire time they have had it! So here is the before....

Notice the sassy hot pink packing tape holding the bed inside...not to mention this sucker was heavy! (hence the reason for the garage pics...) I ripped the skirt off because she wanted to do a drop skirt with no pleats. She went with an awesome black and greyish houndstooth print trimmed out with a black ticking stripe. I love the combo!!! Her couch made me grin from ear to ear when it was done!!! I think its a night and day difference! I was able to make the slipcover function with the "hide a bed" so if they decided to use it for a third time, they don't have to take it apart.... I still cant believe how great it looks!! I am trying to wipe the smile off my face right now!

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  1. Wow Katie, This is beautifully done! Love the cording.


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