Button Chair

Can I just tell you how much I love this chair! I stripped it down and gave it back to my client to refinish the wood. She was not sure what she was going to do to it, but once she found her killer fabric she knew. I love LOVE her fabric. It is beautiful! It is a soft green with almond undertone and then and paisley design embroidered on it. She snagged the last 3.5 yards...we had just enough to make it work. Its just one of those chairs that makes you smile. Need I say more???


When I got the fabric off, the original color was more of a bright green velour....crazy how worn things can get!


p.s. i will be participating in a photography 101 class this winter to help me remember how to use my nice camera so my pictures look more legit... I know the iPhone pics are sweet with the awesome lighting, but i am letting you know i am being proactive in regards to this "issue".

p.s.s I am hoping to have this sweet chair I scored for next to nothing finished this week before I head out off to Powell for a whole week with just my honey!!! Horay, but this chair is gonna be super sweet, I found an awesome fabric that is super soft and comfy and has a great array of browns and creams. It will be available later this week for $275. Stay tuned!!

Peace Out!

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  1. If I wasn't a lowly receptionist, I would buy this chair.


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