Come on in, settee right down. Baby let your hair hang down!

I know...nerdy title right? Well wait till you see this transformation.. You'll understand. i did a pair of chairs last year for Molly. they turned out great. Well now here mom wants in on the fun! Before she left on a month long trip with her husband she dropped off not one but 2 settees. one to be slipcovered and one to be reupholstered. as well as a pair of chairs. it actually worked out great because i can knock them out as i go about the months work load! With that said... here is settee numero uno

before it had a "lovely" farm-scape fabric. i am sure you can remember seeing a beauty like this in your grandparents house... well, not any more!

Now check it out! Such a transformation! She originally wanted to to a simple box skirt but then she remembered how great her daughters chairs turned out with the box pleat skirt. So.. thats what we did! The fabric was a beautiful oatmeal linen/cotton blend. It was the perfect fabric to coverup the farm and give it some much needed respect! I mean, the lines of the settee were great, but not with that fabric! Now you get a peep show of the cute legs. it turned out so great!

Now you'll want to "settee" your butt on down! no more snuggling up to the livestock, just fabulousness!

I also got a second to sneak away and watch some of the wonderful Dressage rides going on this weekend at the Region 5 Dressage Championships at the Wasatch Event Center in Heber.

Man do i miss it, but i will be coming out guns a blazing next season! It was fun to see my good friends ride and be back in that atmosphere! i also snapped a few pictures of the stall drapes i made for my trainer. Look past the mess... thats how horse shows roll...

They are soo different and so much more fun than everyone else's...sorry, but its true!! Good luck this weekend!!

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  1. So cute!! You are a miracle worker. Just wondering where she got that great linen/cotton fabric??


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