What happens in Vegas may end up in your living room...

I apologize to my 3 readers for the lack of posts. We are in the middle of finishing our basement and I have no "sweat shop" to work in at the moment. Its killing me!! Luckily I have the coolest clients ever who understand. Thank you!!! But i am super excited about getting a new work space once this is all finished.

I am happy to report that all my Christmas decor is up and i am now prepping for my son's 6th birthday on saturday. He is soo excited!

I do have some order of business to discuss...I randomly met this guy who owns UC Liquidators in Orem who wanted to enlist my slipcover skills to redo furniture that comes thru his store! He makes deals with Vegas hotels to get their furniture when they re-do their rooms. Now when i say hotels, i am not talking about the sketchy motel 8 off the strip... i am talking about the Venetian, The Wynn and other big named hotels! And when I say, they swap out furniture, its not one or 2 chairs, its EVERY SINGLE ROOM in the hotel with EVERY piece of furniture in the room!!! In the next while he'll be getting in a ton of great furniture. Here is just a little snippet of what he had when i stopped in. Here is one of the chairs and foot stools that came out of one of the hotels:

You can pick up these babies at $30 a pop!! These chairs would look so great in a new fresh and modern looking slipcover. He also had these cool foot stools:

Pretty cool huh. I think he said these were like $8 or $10! Its all gaudy fabrics that could use an attitude adjustment. But what I am most excited about are these bad boys I snagged for $10!!
I cant wait to rip these apart and make them fabulous!! They came out of an auction house and he's got about 10 more... I am super excited about it because its another source to find furniture to slipcover or redo for cheap!!

Also, my January is just about booked, so let me know if you are wanting to get on my list for February! I am itching to get stitching again!!!

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