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So last thursday I had the amazing opportunity to teach a DIY class on Upholstery and Slipcovering for the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club. It was a blast!!! I am not gonna lie..about 10 minutes before the class started there were only 3 people. So I though to myself, cool. Its going to be a super hands on class for these 3 ladies> They are gonna get a first hand look at this wether they wanted to or not! Well, I excused myself to use the restroom and get a drink. When I came back into the room i found that there were 50 people seated and ready for me. Yikes!! I promise I was only in the bathroom for a minute! Well there ended up being a few stragglers that trickled in and we ended up with about 60 people! The class went great. What was supposed to only be an hour class lasted just about 2 along with a Q and A after. I really hope I was able to shed some light on what I do and give people the chance to get their hands dirty. Here is the follow up post for the class!

Here is a picture of the little vanity stool I slipcovered for the class.

I actually ended up just reupholstering the body in muslin before creating a new cover for it. Here is the after

Soo Cute!! I actually have 1 more stool that I'll be selling...you can choose your own fabric! I also got around to covering an office chair for my mom this weekend. Its been in my garage for a while. Once she found her fabric I got to work! Here is the before


After teaching that class I had quite a few ladies come up and ask if I can teach a class that allows them to do a project form start to finish. So I am gonna put the feelers out to see what the interest is... It would be a slipcover class. You would need to provide a small chair, fabric and all the tools needed to make the slipcover(sewing machine, pins, scissors...). I will be there to help with the process. It would have to be like a 4-6 hr class and cost about $200-$250 per person.. If this is something you may be interested in please shot me an email. If i get enough interest I may just have to do it!! Also, I will be teaching a class in May at Thanksgiving Point on making some super cute pillows! I'll let you know more details as they come!


  1. Your class was so good! I learned a lot and I think everyone else did too. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talents! I would totally take an extended class from you and recommend it to others. Lots of people can DO but it's a special talent to be able to teach other people HOW- you have that gift! Thank you!

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