Blue Babe

School is back in session.. who is jumping for joy??? I have to admit... My oldest started 1st grade yesterday and I was a little sad... No more lunch outings with him or seeing him in the early afternoon. Since we moved he now gets to ride the bus. I had nightmares that he would take it to school and then not show up after school.. But I am happy to report, he made it!! Luckily for us we have some really good friends in the neighborhood and our boys can ride the bus together and are in the same class. boom! He had soo much fun at school and I can now rest easy... Oakley... on the other hand started her last year of preschool monday and is already having the boys eating out of her hands... I am scared for her teenage years.. But schedules are forming and I am feeling like things are getting back to normal!

My client had this love seat with cushions that did not originally belong to the you can see in the picture the cushions were not wide enough and just awkward fitting...It did not matter what way you turned them, they just did not want to cooperate! But dont you worry, I beefed them up real nice so they fit snug as a bug in a rug!

This couch is going in my client's master bedroom and she wanted it to have a beachy feel to it. She bought a blue twill fabric that had some good stretch.  She did not want a skirt, she wanted it to be very tailored looking.  I had to wrap the cushions in batting to get the size right. In the end the couch turned out great! Big blue babe! 

She mentioned on her way out that she was going to make pillows out of a blue ticking stripe to tie everything together.  We all know how much I love a good ticking stripe!!  

September is starting to fill up so contact me to get on the schedule!

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