Amy's fabulous front room

So Amy and her husband are awesome clients of mine who bought a couch that I slipcovered to sell and ended up having me do 2 matching chairs to go with it. They had just moved into a new home at the time but now after a few months her front room is just about finished. She sent me an email with some pics for all my favorite peps to see! Enjoy!


Hey sorry it's taken me so long to get these pictures to you. I've been waiting for us to have all our pictures and things hanging on the walls. But who knows when that's going to happen:)! Thanks again for all your hard work and talent. I LOVE our furniture. I did a post on my blog about it this morning. You rock. Oh, and sorry I couldn't get a solid picture of the whole room. But you get the idea!


I think it looks awesome!! And I cant get over her floors... Love them!

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