So my husband was out of town last week, I swear thats when I find myself getting into trouble... It was saturday night, I had not been out of the house ALL day so of course I decided to take the kids to get ice cream after dinner. On our way home I remembered that we needed light bulbs...I swear just about every light in our house just burned out! So I stopped at Lowes. Big mistake. I walked out with 3 6x12 canvas dropth-cloths, oh and my package of lightbulbs. I had the bright idea of slipcovering one of my awesome blue swivel rockers. I had the great ticking stripe fabric I bought a while back that would match perfectly and look great as the piping. I washed and dried them twice using a butt load of fabric softer that very night. Once almost dried I hung them up so they would not get wicked wrinkled. Sunday, while listening to conference I started to go to work. If I sit down while watching conference, I pass yes I did this while conference was on, what??? I decided on a 4" box pleat to give it some flare. I love it! Check it out!


The best part of this was it only cost me $40 in fabric! My husband should be grateful, I have never spent that "little" when I am board! I put it in my son's room and love it, now I think I need to make new curtains.....


  1. I LOVE IT I am going to do this to great ugly chair that i am nuts about.

    Thanks for posting it I will tell everyone about your blog

  2. I love the way it looks! Amazing that you used a dropcloth, you would never guess! Oh and I love the rocker you did in your last post, so cute!

  3. Wow, awesome job! Is it really a slipcover because it looks like it's upholstered. I love this idea of using drop cloths for fabric and the ticking for the piping too.

  4. Beautiful Katie! I wish I accomplished as much when I was board :) Lovely work.


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