a suitable suit

My client brought me this chair she found on ksl. it was meant to be slipcoverd from the start. She found this awesome hounds tooth fabric at Hancock's for $4 a yard! Its actually a fabric made for suits, but hey it was super cheap so what did we do?? We made a slipcover out of it for the chair and ottoman. I was a little hesitant at first because the fabric had a different texture and weight compared to an upholstery or even home decor fabric. But holy cow is it soft!! It turned out really nice and quite spiffy if you ask me... i ran a strip of velcro under the chair to keep it in place. all i can say is this is a super tight fit! check it out!


She absolutely loved it! She is now on the hunt for more fabric for other furniture she wants done! Love it.

Here are the pillows that i have left from Bijou...
These are 20"x20" they are $20 and come WITH the pillow forms!

The 2 pillows pictured together are polyfill forms and the other two are down fill forms.
This next one is my favorite!! It is $35. It is 26"x26" and comes with a down fill pillow form.

You can email, text or leave me a comment with your email if yo are interested in any of the pillows!
Also, I still have a few openings this month. i am waiting on a few clients to get their fabric so let me know if you are ready to go!

Side note...my brother's mother-in-law has an awesomr couch and 2 chairs she is selling that would be an awesome project! she got them from the di for her front room but decided not to use them once she got them home. i would take them in a heart beat but lets be honest, where am i gonna put them? I am happy to reupholster them if anyone wants them! I think she paid like $80 for the set!!! They will be amazing!!!


  1. katie,

    where do you live?? I love this set. Can you tell me the dimensions of everything??? Are they well built?



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