Classic Country

So for the past week I have been working with this super darling client that lives in Grantsville. She lives in an awesome farm house on 12 acres. Um... basically my dream! anyways, she wanted a country revamp on a pair of wing back chairs. We discussed colors and patterns and then I drove out to see her with fabric samples in hand. She was able to pick out exactly what she wanted, so i grabbed a chair and got to work. her chairs were never really used so even though they were "old", they were better than new!


She wanted to get rid of the floral pattern, so we did a green and burgundy plaid with a nuetral background and box pleat skirt. I love how they change the look of the chair! I will take a few more pics with the chairs in their proper place. i have to pin fit her couch while i am there and grab a few more pieces from her that she wants done.
I have another chair that i will post later today that i did over the weekend. I am booked solid for this month and part of january but i just cant seem to turn people away if they are ready to go. i guess it's the Christmas spirit or something! I will however NOT be working between Chrsitmas and New Years. So i say....

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