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So I have been working, I promise! Even though there is no photo proof.... I just dropped off a cushion redo that I had been working on for one of my super awesome clients! She had this great leather sectional that has been loved to death! The back cushions and body of the couch was still in great condition, so I cut off her seat cushions and replaced it with an awesome heavy and super soft upholstery fabric. We actually used the wrong side up on this fabric. It had a chocolate brown weave, but there was a hint of purple in it that was really loud. So we flipped it! They are in the middle of finishing their basement, so once it is in its proper place, you will see how it rocks!! I really love the leather/fabric combo. It really softened up the couch and gave it another good 10 years of life!

I am super excited about my blog's, "Make Over"!! Don't worry, I am not talking about its current condition. I have been working with Alexi Bullock from Alexi Bullock Design for the last few months. She has been working on the look of my brand and I am super excited with what she has created! I can wait to show it off! Hopefully you will see the "new" me in a week or so!

I am just about the begin work on a ton of projects for one client. She is building a "Modern Farmhouse" in Farmington and I am super jealous! But her stuff is going to be amazing! She has really great taste and her fabrics she picked rock! So stay tuned for little sneak peeks here and there.

Now, to wrap it all up. Cute Shelley from House of Smiths contacted me about making a bench seat cushion for a nook her house. She bought one of my pillows from Bijou Market over the holidays and loved it. I can't wait to see what fabric she brings me. Her house is fabulous, filled with awesome textures, patterns and color. If you have not visited her website, um... go now!

So again, a thousand apologies for no pics, but hey, thats life! We are in the middle of finishing our basement so my sweat shop is in shambles!!!! It's driving me crazy, but soon enough I will have an awesome set up that has HEAT!!! Oh Joy! So hang in there and have a lovely Mondee!

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  1. Hurray for getting your basement finished and getting heat!
    Your blog is great even without pics, but only if its every once in a while, those before and afters are so exciting to see.
    p.s. at some point I may ask you what your thoughts are on covering a double stroller, in great condition, but hideous fabric you know how it goes.


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