Blue Light Special

I love a good deal! Yes, I will admit, I am a walmart shopper... I buy most of my groceries there, minus milk and meat. Costco holds my heart there.. I also love walmart because you can always stumble upon a wonderful surprise.. and my client Cindee did!! She found her fabric for her over loved over stuffed chair there! I have been known to stop in and see what the fabric depart has and every now and then I am shocked at what I see. Cindee went with a bold pattern. I love it when my clients take a risk and go bold, because in the end, they love how it turns out! Go bold or go home! But hey, what do I know...I slipped my entire sectional in a loud pattern and its been on for almost 2 years now. Back to Cindee. Here is the before:
The arms were a "little" worn so she brought some cushion batting and carpet tape to soften it up. After:
Soo cool right?!! I think it looks awesome! Here is a look at the last of the 8 chairs that are gonna wreck my life for the next 2 weeks...


  1. It's Wonderful,it's Marvelous, and it's made by YOU
    LOVE IT!!

  2. I love this chair Kate!! Someday when I know longer live in Japan, will you make me one??


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