Stiff as a board

I felt this title was very apropriate for this client's redo. We have been chatting back and forth for a few months now and she has been patiently waiting for a slot in my schedule to open up. She knew she wanted a neutral color fabric for her slipcover. she toyed with the idea of using drop cloth but settled on a neutral cotton duck fabric. She was worried about how, where and what to wash it with. She could not get the 20 yards into her home washer, so she hauled it down to the local laundry mat to abuse one of their washing machines. She decided to air dry out the fabric at home, across her basketball court. It definitely dried out! She texted me saying, its dry.....a little dirty, a little smelly and a little crunchy! I had to laugh. I told her to bring it anyways! When she dropped off her couch and fabric, she said she had tried to iron out the wrinkles, which worked and happened to make the fabric nice and stiff! She was so cute when telling me the story of her "washing" adventure. I love a dedicated client! The fabric worked out great in the end. The stiffness broke down just enough to work with but it still has a "crisp" look to it. It made her box pleats look super sharp!

Her couch had a great down filled cushion. She also brought me a few body pillows because she wanted a long and skinny lumbar pillow made to run the length of the couch. She wanted it as full and tight as I could get it.


It looks soo great!! I was able to work around all the parts that got a little dirty in the "drying" process and I am happy to report that it does NOT have an outside smell to it! It went from plaid to rad!! I can't wait for her to see it.

Here is what I will be working on the rest of this week...

Once theses bad boys are done, I have 4 more to do! My poor husband keeps asking me when he can park in the garage again. I told him May, unless our house sells! (I hope it sells before he can park in the garage...)


  1. Katie it's me, Jen, from easypeasychic. I am finally ready to have you do my two chairs. I can't find your email. Could you send me an email? Then I could send u pix of my chairs etc. I can't wait! Thanks, Jen

  2. That couch is adorable! Wish I had a place with furniture for you to fix up!!


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