Bright idea!

So I am back in full swing and it feels great! Our basement is about 97% finished. Basically the only thing left to do is to finish tiling the 2 bathrooms, one tub surround and one shower and then have the toilets and fixture put in. So by the end of the month we shall be golden! My sweat shop can maybe now be called studio.. i'll let you know how that turns out. I had had our contractor build me the most perfect cutting table too. Id like to introduce you to "Bertha"! I drew her up on a pice of paper and boom! She came to life.

she is everything a gal could dream of! Excuse the rest of the space, I am still trying to put it all together in my mind. But while we were finishing the basement I decided to keep the floors cement. And paint them... I LOVE IT!!! I did white and light tanish gray stripes and then sealed it to give it a wet look. Here is a pic while in the process..

It turned out better than I could have ever expected! I kept the room a bright white for snapping pictures and to make it seem bigger. Sure I will layer color in but for now its a dream.

I just finished a chaise lounge and a round 96" pleated tablecloth for one of my designer clients. Remember this post? Well I just happen to love my client's client! I hope I can be like her when I get older. Well, she and her husband decided to head for the sun. They sold thier awesome house that was so greatly put together by Brian Clark, who is one of my favorite people ever..and move to sunny Florida to enjoy retirement in the sun. Boo! Anyways he had me make this tablecloth seen here in Ballard Designs

but with no fringe and in this fabric

He also had me make a slipcover for this chaise lounge she had

the fabric choice is awesome! I do love the boldness of this print!

It should feel right at home in Florida! I did not have the piece to fit, just the old slipcover. She had already sent the chaise off to its new home before the fabric arrived so I had to make the slipcover based on the old one. I cant wait to see it on the chaise! So you'll have to take my word for it when I say it gonna be awesome!! I'll post pics once she gets them..

I am working on a pair of chairs this week and they are gonna look great once they are done. I am telling you , fabric choice makes ALL the difference! I am super excited for this new year and what its going to bring. So tune in and see whats to come. I have 1 or 2 spots open in February so contact me if yo are ready to go.

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