So fresh and so clean, clean!

My good friend contacted me because she needed some stool covers made for her spa. You may of heard of it.. Amara!! They are pretty much the bees knees. A full service salon plus super chic clothing and accessory store all wrapped up into 1 amazing box! And, right now they have a ton of fun clothes and swimwear. I would have stopped to try on a few things after I dropped everything off, but i had my tiny entourage with me. They cause the wrong kind of! Anyways..They needed 10 stools covered for their treatment rooms (they are the NILS stool from IKEA). They had covers on them, but they just were not cutting it. Cloth covers in that atmosphere are hard to keep clean, and who wants to be removing, washing and putting on 10 covers every day??? Um...not me!

Here is one of the stools before...Not bad, but not great. And if you have been to Amara, everything IS GREAT!!! So I grabbed some samples for her to try out. She picked a out a great neutral vinyl that looks like leather but can be wiped off and cleaned easily. I did not do any piping on these stools because of how much wear they will get. Instead I topstitched the seams in white. I think they look super chic now and totally fit in with the rest of the spa!

Here is the after!

I love them!!! Right now I am working on a sectional... so stay tuned!!!

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