Remember when we "sold" our house last summer? And then it fell thru 2 days before we got earnest $$ and 2 weeks before closing... Boo! Remember how, when we thought our house was sold we had a huge yard sale and got rid of a ton of stuff we did not want to move? And finally, remember how my good friend talked us in to buying our super comfy and awesome sectional cause, again, we though our house was sold and we did not want to move and store it? is refresher picture for you to remember what the crap I am talking about.

This wonderful beast of a couch was amazing!! It always caressed you in the perfect spot and it allowed every one to sit and enjoy it! It was simply grand! It also was the first, yes, FIRST thing I ever slipcovered! This, my friends, is where it all started!

This was a huge undertaking for a first slipcover! it took me a month to do and all I had was my Bernina. Eh boy... imagine sewing over a hundred yards of piping...kill me now!!! I had 13 cushions, which I swear, none of them where the same size and the body was in 3 pieces!! Definitely a labor of love. And oh how we loved it!! It was sad to see it go, but I knew it was going to a great home.

Lets fast forward 1 year... Luckily we had some nice couched from Z Gallery that we could use to fill the void in our lives. But they are NOT nearly as comfy as the beast! We end up on the floor half the time. Oh How we miss those down cushions. Tear... We still curse our friends names every time sit on the couch! Anyways... enough of my sob story. My friend called cause she wanted to switch up the body of the couch and add some blue to compliment the blue in the cushions. She bought 22 yards of a really pretty blue gray canvas and put me to work. It was so great to see that our couch was be loved just as much as we loved it! We gave it more of a relaxed fit cause, its a comfy couch!! Her kids play all day on it and it would drive her nuts to have to keep adjusting it all the time. So.. here it is! I love how the blue just lightens thing up and adds that pop of color!

Sorry about the messy pillows! I had them all set up and then got bombarded by 4 kids! But doesn't it look fabulous!!
Things are starting to get crazy around here so if you are wanting something slipcovered, contact me to get on my waiting list!

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