We've got Coons!!!

Soo...our little street on the golf course has a new neighbor.. I am not sure how I feel about it either. Normally I am a huge animal lover, but this little guy really rubs me the wrong way!! here it is.....

you may be thinking to yourself.. aww. its just soo cute! right? Wrong!!! This little guy has been hanging around our street for a few days now. It is NOT scared of dogs or humans! Even worse. a few nights ago my bestie neighbor called to tell me there was a coon. and that she chucked legos at him from the back porch to scare it and it simply picked them up and played with them.

later that night I completely forgot about it and let the dog out to go potty. We have a lab/pit mix. He is the best dog ever! After I let him out he made an appearance... OH SH#@!!! My awesome dog is out with the "critter" and who knows if its aggressive or even worse.. has rabies! He clearly was not scared of me. he walked up on to the porch and picked up bubas' toy, which of all things, is stuffed raccoon...Go figure. Once buba locked on him I panicked! I was yelling "COON COON" to my husband and yelling at buba to stay and get inside! Lucky for me, my dog listened and came in without lunging at it. they were toe to toe! So now its midnight, i am screaming at the dog, screaming at my husband to get the bb gun and the dog is going nuts inside cause he wants a piece of it!

My husband shot at it and could not tell if he got him or not, but he stayed away (for all we know..). Well today, my neighbor across the street called and said, "that coon was in my house!" Her cousins are in the process of moving in for the summer while they are away. they were bringing stuff in the house and that coon followed them right in! they had to trap it in a laundry basket and get it out! Crazy! Now its just hanging around. it has GOT to go!!!!
On an unrelated note... i just finished a chair and ottoman for on of my designer clients' client... you follow? She picked a grey corduroy to give it a more modern look from the original chair. We kept a skirt on it just to cover the more traditional feet. this fabric was awesome but a little tricky to work with. It had a dacron backing to it so it was thick! but al in all it turned out great!

I also made some pillows too!
Well...I am headed out to Grand Junction, CO this morning for a horse show this weekend! I am really excited! I hope the weather stays nice. Every time we have visited this "lovely" place for a show it has either been a raining muddy windy mess or we have a demolition derby and motocross going on. Not a good combo with horses... When I get home I wont have a chance to breath! I have 2 chairs and a couch to tackle...So i am going to enjoy this weekend so I can take on next week.


  1. the Slip looks beautiful! As far as that Racoon goes? Y'all need to do one of 2 things #1 trap it & take it far far away (10 miles is NOT far enough away - I know this. Trust me.) or #2 Kill it. I'm sorry. They are a nuisance & they WILL come in your house. And they DO carry rabies. They will eat nearly anything. Trash. Dog Food. Cats. Yah, they'll eat small animals. If he's being THAT bold, it will only get worse.


  2. We had a similar experience. 1. Watch your dog! Our Pomeranian got Coon Hound Paralysis because of the coons in our back yard. She must have eaten some poo. If it scratches your dog that is also how the disease is transferred. She was paralyzed for 6 weeks. it was round the clock care. Its been 3 years and she still does not get around well. Coons have NO FEAR. Our son and his family were visiting, he was taking the trash out one night opened our front door and there stood a huge mama coon she tried to stare him down. He went to get his service revolver( he is a Federal Agent. Then he thought better of it and got the shot gun. By then the coon was gone. Next night same thing he got the shot gun and Bang,bang dead. He and his sister cleaned it up and no more coon. You can also get traps from animal control but you run the risk of catching a neighbors cat. Good Luck you will need it. If there is one there are 10.

  3. I am glad I'm not the only one that thinks it should be dead. But I'm telling you, they are nasty animals to have around a neighborhood. I work with a lady that had a Momma racoon coming through her cat door, into the house & eating the cat food. In the HOUSE. It just suandered in , right past her & her hissing cat. She had it humanely trapped & released. I would not have done that. I worked in Animal Control for many years (OC CA.) and if you know anything about racoons, you know that thier population is double what it naturally should be because they scavage off humans.



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