I survived my first (out of state) horse show on a my young horse this past weekend!! We managed to pull in a 70.9% on our first ride! (Its a Dressage thing...google it.) She was fantastic! You see, I am used to having a young horse that gets anxiety when left alone...like, try to climb out of his stall anxiety! I could go on and on about all things I had to go through with my last horse, but we would be here forever... My mare was a champ!! Here is too the start of what I can hope is a great show season!

As for the "coon" update... well..lets just say the problem was "taken care of" while I was away and we shall leave it like that. Thanks for all the comments and advise!

Now on to business! My client had a pair of these little lowrider chairs on casters. I love these kinds of chairs! They are soo comfy and can fit just about anywhere! Plus they have super great lines for slipcovering. When i was fitting these chairs ZZ Top kept running thru my head! "All my friends love a lowrider", plus lets be honest.. How great are their beards??? AMAZING! Anyways...Here is the before pic. I like to call this upholstery "the carpet bag". Doesn't it remind you of Mary Poppins and her magic carpet bag?

I am not gonna lie..I half expected a lamp to come out when I removed the cushions.. She chose to have them slipcovered in a nice neutral stripe fabric that she score on the clearance rack at Home Fabrics for $3 a yard! It had a hint of a rubber backing to it which is great cause it acts like velcro agains the "carpet bag" upholstery. We kept the lines of the chair giving it a modern touch. Love it! It makes me want to sit nice and low in it and cruise slow pass the kitchen and down the hall.

She also had me make a bench cushion for her out of a red tweedish fabric.

I am starting to get super busy so If you are wanting something done hit me up to get on my schedule. Right now I am booked till about the middle of June.

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