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So I have refused to turn our AC on just yet...all the windows are open to welcome a nice breeze thru the house. No worries, it only reached 85 degrees inside the past couple afternoons... I can hold strong, I know it!! You see, I am an AC snob... I usually keep the house at a comfy 71 in the summer. So delightful! But I figure, if I hold off and get used to having 80's in the house, I'll appreciate a 75-76 degree AC house...right?? Pray for me! and my family.... I fitted my clients LARGE sofa sleeper in my garage, that is west facing.. 2 days ago and I was sweating!! I mean, dripping down my face, change your shirt a few times and then shower sweating!! I survived and boy was it worth it!!

My client wanted a "shabby chic" look for her couch. She bought her white heavy twill fabric form Home Fabrics in orem and a smashing $6.50 a yard! She also wanted to combine the 2 seat and 2 back cushions into 1 long seat and 1 long back cushion so give it that casual look. I sewed them together and then wrapped those suckers in batting to even out the cushion and give it more loft. We did a ruffled skirt to chic it up. She also had me make 2 ruffle pillows to go with the couch out of the same fabric. The results are quite amazing!!! Here is the before...


nothing too exciting! It was definitely used!! But check it out now!!!

umm...pretty great! right??? My sister in law was here when I put it all together and she said this was one of favorites that i have done!! i think she is now looking for a couch to do this to. lol! Its amazing what a difference 1 long single cushion can do to the look of a couch. I am really thinking about doing this to our "not so comfy" couch... I love it!!!

On a side note..I am starting to get really busy! So if you are wanting stuff done contact me to get on my list. Right now i have 1 spot open in June and will be starting to book for July. I have a rock star client that dropped off 2 chairs and ottomans to be slipcovered and i am dying over her fabric!! Here is a little sneak peek...

What you cant see is that this stuff is in my kids old bedroom along with 4 chairs, 2 ottomans and chaise lounge, along with fabric and random cushions... Its a kids dream to have a room full of random furniture to make forts out of... Hey. at least it keeps them busy...right?

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