Couch Slipcover

I love it when my clients keep me busy with ksl finds. Remember these chairs? Well they now have a new friend sitting across from them.. This is what we started with.

she picked it up for $70 on ksl!! Not to shabby if you ask me. She went with a white denim with a ruffle skirt. She really wanted the ruffle skirt but was not sure how her husband would take it.. we did it anyways. And boy was she glad she did! It turned out great! I sewed the 3 back cushions and 3 seat cushions together to create 2 longer cushions (i love that look). She sent me these picks of the finished couch once she got her slipcover home. Here is the after:

Sure it could use a little batting between the existing cushions, but we had none at the time.. Anyways, she was thrilled!

On another note, I am finally getting to the little blue wing chair I bought a few months ago.

I am covering it in this great fabric!

Stay tuned!

**yes..I am aware that those pics are GINORMOUS!!! But my mind has melted from the heat wave and I am too lazy to fix it... so scoot back!**

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