Its spring break here in St. George and the sun is out in full force! I am loving this weather and the feel of pasty white skin getting some much needed color. Yes please! I thought I'd hurry and post my latest project while the kids are over playing with friends. I had ordered fabric a while back to make curtains for my family and dining room windows. They are super wide which I love because they let in soo much light but curtains of that size are a pain in the A%$ to make because of how much fabric you have to maneuver. I ordered 26 yards between the 2 windows. I had to make 2 double wide panels for each room, soo.. I had to match and sew 2 pieces of fabric together to make 1 panel and line them… EEEW! Meaning

If you watch Jimmy Fallon then you know. Soo great. I hung them with rings. Super simple and straight forward. Its amazing how fabric can transform the look and feel of a room. Before the rooms looked bare, but now they have an inviting feel that makes it more livable to me… Since the windows are soo wide and let in soo much light I snapped a picture of the corner of the dining room to give you an idea of what the fabric looks like. I LOVE love it!

I only have a few little projects left around my house and one includes making a pipe bed frame for Lakers room. Oh Buddy! I can't wait! I am taking the week off and playing with my kids so check back soon for more goodies!

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