March Madness!!

Well I think it is safe to say that everyones brackets are a bust… Bye Bye billions. Oh well, there is always the lottery. Right? This month has been a busy one for me. I just got back from visiting family and dropping off/picking up slipcovers in Salt Lake last night. The kids and I ran up to see Steve, he has been gone working for 2 weeks now! He is crazy busy with landscape work up there but he is being well fed by his mom and mine. Its funny how when you move away you all of the sudden get bombarded with work that pulls you back. Its a good thing we have awesome weather down here to play in to make it manageable.

Speaking of work, I was able to drop off a bunch of bench and cushion covers, a few chairs and an ottoman on top of fitting 2 couches and a chair and bring back more random little projects for clients all in 1 day. Um.. thank goodness for grandmas! Here is a chair and ottoman I did for a cute client. She loves the way white slipcovers look and went with a white denim for both. Her husband though she was crazy since its white and they have kids but I think we did a good job at changing his mind.. Before:

I just copied the lines of the chair to give it a clean look and then did a box pleat skirt on the ottoman. They turned out soo cute! She loves them and I think her husband did too!

They look so great and they really brighten up the room. Here is the other drop-off I did while I was up in SL. My client searched for fabric for months and finally found the perfect one. We are slipcovering her large sectional next month and this fabric will compliment it perfectly! Now this chair is the perfect "Sunday Nap" chair.. Down cushions and the perfect size to curl up on. She has had this chair for a long time but it was in desperate need of a makeover. It originally had a red denim slipcover on it but the sun did some major damage to it. The red faded into a rusty color and it was no bueno. So she sent me home with the original slipcover to rip apart and make a pattern for the new slipcover. I love how it turned out and she didi too! It will look great with her sectional once we get it covered! Here is the after picture:

This week Ill be working on 2 couches and a chair as well as some other projects I was sent back with. I am also super excited to get my couch and chairs covered too! My fabric arrived from before I left. I got a nice heavy linen. I can't wait!!! I will be back up in SL at the end of April first part of May. If you are wanting anything slipcovered, contact me now to get on my schedule. You need to have your fabric washed and ready to go when I come.

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