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I realize my posting has been less frequent but with good reason.. I am still working like crazy only all I have to show for it are "before" pictures. You'll just have to wait to see the afters when I head up North at the end of the month. You'll have plenty to look at then;) In the meantime I have been sewing 3 chair bodies and 3 couch bodies. Now Ive got to get on the cushions. Its a lot! I have also been working on getting my chairs and couch covered and I am trying to get them done before Friday because the hubby and I are heading off to Costa Rica on a spur of the moment trip with some friends! I can not wait!! Maybe because my husband has been gone for 3 weeks or because I get to sit and do nothing for a whole week.. Its a toss up. Anyways, I have a lot to do before then.

Speaking of the hubby, he came home for Conference weekend to spend time with me and the kiddos. We had a blast! And of course I had to use him as my "Furniture Mule" to get clients stuff down to me.. Sorry honey, but hey, those ladies sure do love you! I am just happy I am able to continue to do work for my clients while I am down here. It keeps me sane.. I had to bust out 2 dining chairs and 3 euro shams Saturday morning because they were going back up with him after the weekend. My client picked a fun geometric print for her chairs. She selected an indoor/outdoor fabric which is actually great for dining room chairs considering its waterproof. We did a box skirt to the ground because she did not want any of the wood to show. It really turned out great and I love how the fabric is just happy!



I love Conference weekend! I love the messages that are given and I especially love the breakfast!! Steve is happy camped out on the couch all day but for me, the second my butt hits the couch I am a goner! I don't stand a chance so… I fitted my chairs. I HAVE to be dong something, its hard for me to just sit. I may have a problem.. Anyways I always retain more if I am listening while doing something so I figured, Hey, I can kill two birds with one stone by doing this. Listen to Conference and REMEMBER what I heard and get my chairs done. Win win! I would have done my couch too, but then Steve would have had to move… ya. right. Anyways here is a sneak peek at them..


um..i guess you could say, "middle":

I am beyond thrilled with what they are gong to look like!!!!

Also, some exciting news for me. I will have a booth at this years Swiss Days in Midway Utah August 29th-30th! You will be able to find me at Midway Country Corner across from the park. I am super excited about it and will have some really great slipcovered pieces for sale, along with pillows and possibly curtain panels… Anyways, stay tuned for more details!!

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