back is the new front

I was contacted by a darling lady here is St. George that was in need of slipcovers for her parsons chairs. When she told me her address she said, "We are the house behind the big grey cement fence!" Now the address was familiar to me, it was around the corner from the barn and I have driven past it a million times and wondered to myself, "what is on the other side of that ginormous fence?" Well my friends, I found out! My client lives on the edge of a huge farm that belongs to her family. They had bought their house knowing that Washington Fields Road would widen at some point, just not 10 feet from their front door! So, they did what I think anyone would do.. buy up all the surrounding land/house, build a huge @%$ fence and turn your around by renovating it. The front becomes the back, the back becomes the front, and voila! problem solved. She was a hoot to talk to about their ongoing "projects" but I bet by the time they finish up it will be really amazing!

Her parson chairs are the good old Costco specials. The ones that never die, just get worn over time. Well they look fantastic slipcovered and it gives them some new life too! My client is going for a more french country vibe inside and wanted to change the look of them completely. She washed up some drop cloth and away I went. Here is the before:

We did 4 to start with. I added piping in the seams and a tailored skirt to finish them off. They turned out great and she LOVED them!

I'll be swing by her house again thursday to pick up the rest of her drop cloth to finish off the remaining 4 chairs! I also made her a pair of curtain panels to go in her master bedroom french door windows. I post a picture off all the chairs once I finish them up.

On another note, i am in the process of picking out fabrics for chairs, couches, pillows and poufs for Swiss Days. It is harder than you think.. There are soo many choices!! Anyways, i'll give you a sneak peak once I place my order..

And one last thing.. did I tell you that my heart exploded from joy when I took this picture???

Meet Tuscan, she is a sweet heart of a horse that belongs to the barn owner, who also happens to be the sweetest and most awesome woman ever!! I just adore her! Her kids and my kids had a blast riding and playing on the horses last week. I loved hearing the giggles from my kids while they walked, trotted and cantered around the round pen, by themselves!! They love going with me to see and ride the horses, plus it saves me $$ on babysitters.. All they need is the great outdoors and some friends to explore with! Oh how my heart belongs on a farm!

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