My rockstar hair stylist, who is also a dear friend happened upon a pair of what i think are pretty amazing chairs. Did i mentions that she is super fancy! and can pretty much do it all. Her house is darling, she just has a talent for making ordinary things just darling, amazing and fancy! These chairs were bad, but that did not scare her away! No! they tempted her to redo them and boy they worth the sweat!

Sure they may be brown and frumpy, but she was not scared! And.. she has a pretty cool husband that helped her reupholster the chair bodies. Give a man some power tools and boom! Magic! Well, she painted the wood a nice smokey grey and then found the cutest yellow fabric at Hobby Lobby. I loved it soo much that I had to order some for one of my chairs I'll be selling at Swiss Days this year! Thanks Jess! I can't take credit for these chairs, all i did was make her seat cushions.. but Oh man!! I sure wish they belonged to me! Here is a pic of them before they had cushions made. Id say they did a smashing job!!

Now here they are with the cushions. i added white piping to give it a little more "fancy" factor. I seriously LOVE them!!!

AMAZING! and , look how cute her built ins are behind the chairs.. When I went to see her house for the first time I wanted to punch her! Her house is this darling bungalow in Lehi that just spews charm and amazingness. Its not fair but i love to look and see what she has done!

On another note, I am just finishing a pair of chairs for a client then I am working on my stuff for Swiss Days! Right now I am booked out till mid August. I will be up in SL next wednesday thru monday so if you are in need of slipcovers, let me know so I can throw you on my schedule!

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