We just got back from a week full of family, fun and a mixed bag of emotions. I lost my sweet grandma but was soo happy that I was there to say goodbye to her. She was such wonderful woman and a great example to me. I loved hearing all the stories that my mom and her siblings told about her and their childhood. I hope that I can be more like her one day! I am just so happy that her pain is gone and that she is now with my grandpa. Thank-goodness for eternal families!

While I was up in Salt Lake I was able to drop off a few slipcovers to a darling client of mine who lives up in North Ogden. I think I spent a full day driving. No bueno! Anyways, I originally was just going to make a few cushion covers for her but when I went to set up a time to meet her it had turned into cushions and another couch! I love it! She was a trooper too. she was able to get enough drop cloth gathered and washed in just a day! Here is what her couch looked like before

It is an awesome couch with great lines but they hated the wool and the cushions. She loved the look of one cushion so thats what we did. We combined all 3 back and seat cushions into one and then wrapped them in batting. It changes the whole look of the couch and now it is nice and soft to sit on too!

They loved it! She is going to send pictures of the other couch with the new cushions covers once she gets them on...

I have just a few more things to finish up and then I am tackling the monster of projects I have for Swiss Days.. What was I thinking??!!!

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