I can probably say that I have OCD issues, I get it from my dad (you could eat Thanksgiving dinner off his garage floor its that clean) and I am cool with that. I like a clean house, I like things in their proper place, and maybe I have a secret stock of Mr. Clean that I love. and dare I say that I have been on the hunt for a certain Mr. Clean "flavor" for a while now (because my stash is getting low) and I am convinced that it does not exist anymore.. But hey, at least I can admit it. Right? I love these!!

they smell like pure heaven!! It makes my heart soo happy! My mom makes fun of me because every time I am at her house I swear she has a different Mr. Clean bottle and she never can remember where she gets it from. Boo! I have searched all of St. George and a few surrounding towns (even Mesquite) for them and all i see is

Its not that that kind is bad, its just I LOVE how the others smell. They smell soo good that the cute couple that bought our Orem house asked me what I use to clean the house because she loved the way it smelled. And yes, that made my whole 3 months of trying to sell that house! Sure I could mix the large bottle of straight up cleaner I want but its not the same!! The ratio is never right and then you get streaks! Its my unicorn. and i WILL find it! See...OCD.

My husband is gracious enough to put up with me and I think I may have turned him into a a bit of a clean freak (which I secretly love..) but my friends, I think I have met my match... Our awesome friends that we go to Lake Powell with every year just moved to St. George and dare I say that HE is more OCD than me! I am in good company now! Someone who understands! They built a beautiful home in Washington Fields and he had things on his punch list that would have NEVER crossed my mind. I mean like, ever. They picked up a pair of rolled arm chairs from Thanksgiving Point that were exchanged by a client because of a fabric flaw.. Um the flaw in my opinion was the fabric choice.. baby blue with large juvenile looking flowers on it. Ew! But the chairs were in excellent condition and had a great shape to them. So our friends picked them up for pretty cheap because thanksgiving Point could not resale them. So HE picked out the fabric and this is what they ended up with...

He did a pretty good job picking out fabric! they also had me make a few pillows to go on the couch because decorative throw pillows that come with new couches these days are super fugly! I'd really like to know who pics out the "coordinating" fabric for these companies and thinks "Nailed it". Their pillows were bright purple! No Bueno!

All in all Id say they nailed it!! They turned out awesome and they'll probably never have to wash them because of his OCD problem...


  1. I just took a peek over at Amazon, and they have both of your favorite scents! I always go there when my local store stops carrying my favorite products (Like Dial's foaming hand soap refill in Soothing White Tea). Takes a little time, but it's worth it! Hope this helps you sleep a little better! ;)

  2. Bless you!! I may have bought 2 cases...I have a problem.


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