working like a dog

Soo I have been working like a dog trying to get my Swiss Days furniture all squared away.. I was able to get the big brown slipcovered couch beautified with an awesome grey and white ticking stripe. I absolutely love how it turned out! The original couch was made to be slipcovered and was in near perfect condition. The brown corduroy slipcover on the other hand.. was just that. brown and corduroy! EW!! This is what it looked like before..not bad, but not good..

But boy did I see the potential! Here is is now, soo much brighter, happy and just begging for someone to take a nice sunday nap on it! I finished it with a simple box skirt with piping. If I had room for it you know id be keeping it. But then I'd be the "couch lady", like a "cat lady", taking in all the homeless orphaned couches with potential.. no bueno! So lucky for you it will be at Swiss Days for you to bring home and love!

Soo great! right?!

I also finished up 2 darling settees in record time! My mom who works at Thanksgiving Point was sending down a delivery truck to Vegas for a client last Thursday and was planning on having the truck stop at my house to take the big couch and settee back with him the next day, which was Friday (that way I would not have to haul everything at once up for Swiss Days). I worked my tail off to pin fit both slipcovers and get them sewn and serged so I could mark where I needed to put the skirt while I still had the furniture.. (I had 48 hrs and 2 busy kids to deal with too..) But no need to worry. I got them both done just in time and are now completely finished!

I picked up the settee from a furniture company that Thanksgiving Point buys from. They had sent my mom an email with some fire-sale items...sure the couch is hideous.. no wonder they were fire-selling them.. but the lines and the legs were awesome. The original couch is made with outdoor fabric. They had been at Thanksgiving Point in the basement waiting to get covered, and no joke, a few customers thought they were soo cute AS IS and wanted to buy them!! They are hideous!! but well made..

Maybe it just me but EW!!! Here is a peek of them with their new slipcovers, minus the skirts... I could not be happier with how they turned out!

Now all thats left are 5 chairs and pillows!! Its all coming together!!! Stay tuned for more items I'll have for Swiss Days!

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