We're moving. again...

So as if I were not tired enough as it is after Swiss Days and a trip to Powell, I have one week to finish packing up the house because we are moving. again.. yes. you heard me right. We are moving again! That makes the total number of moves in one year to 3. Kill me. But its a good move! As much as I have loved living in St George and making some amazing friends, being with my husband under the same roof is more important! When we moved down here, he was working here in St. George. He put a few foremen in charge of his landscaping crews up North so he could grow the business down here, but then the work up north got crazy busy he headed back up in March to run things. So, that left me here with the kids, the dog and the horse while he stayed at his folks house while he worked.

We decided for both of our sanities it was best we move back up to good old Utah County. so we listed the house and boom. It sold. We actual sold the house last month but begged the buyers to let us stay till the 15th of September. So here I am, supposed to be packing but suffering from a lack of motivation, while recovering from a super fun trip to Lake Powell this past weekend. I can't complain, we did this to ourselves.. lol! But the good news is Ill be back in Utah County so I can get back to my regular slipcovering schedule!

We also bought a house, since everything happened so fast we were planning on just renting something, but lets be honest, the rental market in Utah County is a little, well. touch and go.. So we we decided that we'd buy an older home that needed a little bit of love, live in it for a year or two till we can find the right piece of land to build the house we've always wanted. Its a cute little house in Springville that the original owners lived in the majority of their lives. Its super clean, just vintage. We figure we can always rent it out or sell it after but this way we won't be on anyone else's time frame as far as living situations go.. (remember when we rented a house for a hot minute because it sold for under us??) Its gonna be a test of patients and sacrifice, for sure, but we both think it will be well worth it! Here is the newest addition..

I am excited to see what we can do with this little gem. We are going from a 2500 sq ft home on one slab to a 2400 sq ft home including a small, very small 800 sq ft basement. That is more like a dungeon.. But hey, we only have 2 kids so I think we can manage. But there is just something about this house that gets us excited about having a new project (cause thats really what we need right now.. not) but hey, if it gets us that farm house on property in a few years, it is well worth it to us!

We head out of St. George this weekend closing one chapter of our lives but are excited to start the next and see whats in store. I never thought in a million years we'd be doing this. I loved LOVED my home in St. George, but its just a house. I am excited for a new challenge and I most excited to have a husband, dad and best friend back!!

So I am sure you'll be seeing posts about our new adventure mixed in with slipovers. But I am excited to be tons closer to my clients and getting back into the groove of things. So, If you are needing anything slipcovered, let me know. I am out of commission till October but feel free to contact me, you can at least find fabric while you wait.

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