Home sweet home???

So it's been almost a week since we left good old St George and yes, I do miss it. But I am excited about our new adventure.  This week has been hard on me, not sad or emotional.. Hard in the fact that I have been SOO busy the last few months that now I am being forced to nothing and it's killing me!!! For those of you who, like me, can't sit still, doing just that is hard! Lol!  We are staying at my inlaws while our house is going thru renovations, my kids have had the week off of school and I am going crazy not being able to go down to our house to work on it!  The husband and crew are in the middle of demo and it's no place for kiddos...
 So, here I am.  Just sitting.. And since I can't sew, I'll post some pictures of the progress of the house.  This was what I came "home" to saturday... But first a little info on the house.
The original house was built in the 50's.  800 sqft on the main, which consisted of a kitchen, living room, 2 beds and 1 small bath.  The dungeon is just that.. 800 sqft of old basement with a fruit room and storage.  The previois owners put an 800 sqft addition on the back in the 70's which added a huge family room a "master" bed and another full bath/laundry combo. The addition makes the house. Here are pics of what it looks like right now. So don't judge!! 
My husband ripped out all the over grown bushes in the front to make way for new landscaping. 
The carpet in the addition came out so we could lay new wood floors, paint the paneling and of course scrape the popcorn ceiling.
These cabinets will stay but I am still trying to figure out what to do with them...
The kitchen is actually pretty great! The cabinets are awesome, they just need a little tlc and paint.. The counters were the first thing to go!  Green marmolium!  I am sure they'll be back in style soon;) 
Here is the bath/laundry room.  Um.. The shower is literally 3'x3' green tiles from floor to ceiling!  My poor husband could barely fit in, let alone turn around!! The new laundry will be moved to the basement allowing us to have a bigger bathroom and decent size shower! 
Here is the front room of the house/partial storage at the moment! It has awesome big windows in the front that I am sure will cost and arm and a leg and another arm to replace.  So, they'll stay for now.. The house is small and old but it is full of potential and I really love it!!

We have found all sorts of treasures too!  We are hoping some of the funds will cash out! We also found an old picture of the cute couple that lived in the house from a long time ago! I'll have to take a picture of it! It's money!  They are all wearing coordinating Christmas outfits in the front room. It's probably from the 60's' it's awesome!  
I'll post the weeks progress this weekend, it's crazy to see the transformation!! So until then, me and my mutts have been hanging out at the barn having a blast!!
If you are wanting Slipcovers still get in touch with me even tho I am on a "forced" break.. You can find fabric and get it ready to go. My calendar is booking up and if you are wanting things done before the holidays time is running out!

Also, there are still a few pieces of furniture left over from Swiss Days.  You can go see them at Thanksgiving Point!
Contact me if you have any questions!!! I welcome it right now out of bordum!!!!

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